Saturday, April 25, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: Sabrina McLaughlin

Sabrina McLaughlin:
"Of The Despair" (16"x28") - Sabrina McLaughlin

Sabrina McLaughlin is a Painting Major at Kendall College of Art and Design. Most recently her work has been displayed at the West Michigan Regional Art Competition at Lowell Art Center and Art.Downtown 2014. Sabrina was born in Canton Ohio and currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her awards include: Krylon's Clear Choice Scholarship, Beyond Mythologies Scholarship, Akron Society of Artists Scholarship, Canton Artists League Scholarship, Kendall College of Art and Design's Portfolio Scholarship, and Kendall College of Art and Design's Academic Scholarship.

Check out her work at Hera! WATER ends May 9th

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