Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seeking Intern/ Volunteers for Spring & Summer 2013

EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! Know someone who is looking for an internship for credit or experience that is in high school or college? OR care to volunteer for a great local, non profit art gallery? 

Michael Yefko in Chazan Gallery's Drawing Matters

Drawing Matters / Luis Alonso, Leslie Bostrom, Dennis Congdon, Wendy Edwards, Nancy Friese, Bunny Harvey, Tayo Heuser, David Kinsey, Susan Lichtman, Jack Massey, Jerry Mischak, Jacqueline Ott, Gwen Strahle, Dan Talbot, Roger Tibbetts and Michael Yefko

March 7 to April 3, 2013

The Chazan Gallery is presenting Drawing Matters, an exhibition of work by Luis Alonso, Leslie Bostrom, Dennis Congdon, Wendy Edwards, Nancy Friese, Bunny Harvey, Tayo Heuser, David Kinsey, Susan Lichtman, Jack Massey, Jerry Mischak, Jacqueline Ott, Gwen Strahle, Dan Talbot, Roger Tibbetts and Michael Yefko from March 7 to April 3, 2013. There will be an opening reception for the artists on Thursday, March 7 from 5 – 7 p.m. The public is invited. Chazan Gallery will also be open during Gallery Night Providence on Thursday, March 21, 2013.

Michael Yefko is currently on the faculty at the University of Rhode Island, where he teaches Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design and Sculpture. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an Associates Degree in Art Education from Holyoke Community College. His work has been exhibited extensively throughout the Northeast, and he is an artist member of Hera Gallery in Wakefield, RI.

Michael Yefko in Drawing Out of Bounds, 2013 Wheaton Biennial

Hera Gallery member, Michael Yefko will have a piece in 2013 Wheaton Biennial's Drawing Out of Bounds. Find out more and directions here.

February 27, 2013–April 13, 2013
Beard & Weil Galleries, Watson Fine Arts
Wheaton's inaugural Biennial will showcase the work of 54 artists from 19 states and one foreign country whose work explores the boundaries of drawing and pushes it into new territories. The work--including sculpture, video, printmaking, fiber arts, photography, installation, and traditional drawing using nontraditional materials--was selected by juror Judith Tannenbaum, curator of contemporary art at the RISD Museum of Art. The Wheaton Biennial is an example of Wheaton's open spirit of inquiry and a curriculum that emphasizes connections across disciplinary boundaries.
Participating Artists:
Megan Abajian (Indiana)
Aparna Agrawal (Massachusetts)
Luis Alonso (New York)
Amber Anderson (Washington, DC)
Christopher Arabadjis (New York)
Rachelle Beaudoin (New Hampshire)
Janine Biunno (New York)
Ryan Blackwell (Massachusetts)
Resa Blatman (Massachusetts)
Linda Bond (Massachusetts)
Xiaowei Chen (Massachusetts)
David Curcio (Massachusetts)
Adrienne Der Marderosian (Massachusetts)
Maria DiFranco (Rhode Island)
Alphonso Dunn (New Jersey)
Chloƫ Feldman Emison (New Hampshire)
Anthony Fisher (Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Gargas (Massachusetts)
Francine Gintoff (Connecticut)
Kira Greene (New York)
Cynthia Greig (Michigan)
Aaliyah Gupta (Washington)
Jan Johnson (Massachusetts)
Masako Kamiya (Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Keithline (Massachusetts)
Justin Kim (Massachusetts)
Matt Lane (Illinois)
Stacy Latt Savage (Massachusetts)
Matthew Litteken (Ohio)
Alex Lukas (Pennsylvania)
Anna Maddocks (Colorado)
Major Minuit (France)
Naomi Marine (Utah)
China Marks (New York)
Armin Muhsam (Missouri)
Lydia Kann Nettler (Massachusetts)
Kathleen O'Hara (Massachusetts)
Brian O'Malley (Rhode Island)
Dane Patterson (New York)
Margaret Rack (Massachusetts)
Ruth Rosner (Massachusetts)
Michael Ryan (New York)
Eszter Sapi (Illinois)
Carrie Scanga (Maine)
Sally Schluter Tardella (Michigan)
David Shapleigh (Massachusetts)
Jen Simms (Massachusetts)
Garric  Simonsen (Washington)
Kirsten Rae Simonsen (Hawaii)
Christopher Troutman (Illinois)

Michael Yefko (Rhode Island)
Michael Zachary (Massachusetts)
Melissa Zexter (New York)
Angie Zielinski (Arizona)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Works March 2- 30

Featuring Claudia Flynn, Connie Greene,  
Jill McLaughlin, and Troy West
March 2 - March 30, 2013 
Opening Reception Saturday, March 2nd, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Hera Gallery is pleased to present New Works featuring the recent artwork of Associate Members, Claudia Flynn, Connie Greene, Jill McLaughlin, and Troy WestThe artists will be displaying a variety of media from sculpture, collage and assemblage to paintings and photography.

Working from an emotive state, Claudia Flynn's provocative and at times, haunting pieces are interested in human culture and the symbolic that is viscerally felt and realized.  Within her work the traditional and the modern often converge, along with social and cultural collective memories. Flynn is in relentless pursuit of matters pertaining to the soul and spirit.                                      

Connie Greene has recently begun to photograph and write about the farmers she met at the seven South County markets last summer. This exhibit includes four new farms that are producing impressive amounts of healthful and sustainable grown food after three or fewer years of operation.   

Jill McLaughlin's latest collages and assemblages are inspired by memories, nature and her own inner stories.  She enjoys experimenting with techniques to create subtle layers with texture and depth to tell a story or convey an idea or emotion. By focusing on timeless personal and universal themes like dreams, home life and the environment, McLaughlin invites the viewer to discover their own stories.

Educator, architect, activist and artist Troy West creates steel sculptures from materials gleaned from scrap yards, what the sea washes ashore and from debris people throw away, - society's dregs. The work becomes a part of the landscape, and nature's elements become part of the work.  The adversarial relationship between man's desires and nature's needs fuels the work. As he states, in reference to his inspiration for these past months' work during these especially abnormal storms, "We cannot deny mother nature her place at the table anymore". 

The exhibition will take place in Hera Gallery's new location on 10 High Street in Wakefield, RI. The public is invited to attend the opening reception of New Works held from 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 2nd.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Hera Members Receive Accolades at the Newport Art Museum's Annual Members' Juried Exhibition

Three Hera Gallery Members were recognized this month at Newport Annual Members' Juried Exhibition. The exhibit, on view until May 19th, 2013 "showcases new work by some of the region's brightest lights, rising stars and undiscovered talents". Juried this year by Virginia K. Freyermuth, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art Edcuation at Rhode Island College, and painter-printmaker Nancy Frieses, Professor at Rhode Island School of Design.

We'd like to congratulate Elizabeth Lind, Alexandra Broches and Barbara Pagh for earning three of the awards in three different categories! 

Elizabeth Lind earned First Place in Three Dimensional for her piece, Embrace, in Black Alabaster, pictured below. 
Elizabeth Lind, Embrace, Black Alabaster, 2012

Alexandra Broches earned an Honorable Mention in the Photography category for her piece, Matunuck, RI, November 1, 2012, Digital C- Print.

Alexandra Broches, Matunuck, RI, November 1, 2012, Digital C-Print

Barbara Pagh earned an Honorable Mention in the Prints/Pastels/Drawings category for her piece Vertical Tidepool #1, Photolithograph on handmade paper.

Barbara Pagh, Vertical Tidepool #1,
Photolithograph on Handmade Paper

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brendan Tobin in the World's Smallest Art Gallery

Brendan Tobin's art work will be on display in The World's Smallest Art Gallery** now until March 15, 2013

What do Dr. Bigfoot, MD, Nancy Reagan, the ghost of Frank Sinatra, a surfing robot, and aquatic zombies have in common? They have all taken up residence in TWSAG in the form of Brendan Tobin’s comic book art. If you think this is a motley crew, just check out Brendan’s website - - and get introduced to a cast of characters you never dreamed of, but fortunately Brendan did!
Brendan considers himself lucky to have his artwork as a creative outlet. He says, “Everyone needs an outlet, a release, or they can get stuck in their heads. This is my way of getting things out and if I can entertain while doing it, all the better. Brendan goes on, “I’ve always liked comic books and cartoons and the absurd; media that doesn’t take itself to seriously. I like to poke fun and have a good time.”
What distinguishes Brendan is the level of technical skill he brings to his work. He continues to study and work on his skills. He goes to a weekly figure drawing group. “I don’t go to make pretty pictures,” he says. “It is about getting better. I could keep on making hands the way I do or I can work at it and improve.”

“I got a lot of goals, but time is the enemy.” One goal Brendan shares is that he’d like to develop and sell a pitch for an animated T.V. show. Personally, I got to say I’d stay up to any hour, pay any amount to download “Nancy Reagan and he Side Kick the Ghost of Frank Sinatra in the Zombie Apocalypse, featuring Dr. Bigfoot, MD as the Gynecologist.”  If you would like to join me in urging Brendan in this direction you can email him at

A panel from Blitz Randal Man of Action

A panel from Dr. Bigfoot, MD

A panel from Nancy Reagan

*The World’s Smallest Art Gallery is:
    • A kiosk on the South County Bike Path ( It is located in Peace Dale where the bike path crosses Route 108. The kiosk is a beautifully designed and built structure that has two display cases. Each measures 42” X 41” x 2”. The cases are weatherproof and have sturdy locks.
    • A joint project of Hera Gallery ( and  Peace Dale Neighborhood Revitalization, Inc. (
    • A place to show your artwork. Hera Gallery will be managing the kiosk as a place for artists to display their work. You may have a six-week, one-person show in the kiosk on a first come, first serve basis. Work is not juried, but must be “family friendly.” Artists are asked to choose work that does not depict nudity, sexuality or violence. Neither Hera Gallery nor PDNRI will insure the work. Artists display work at their own risk.
    • A way of having your work seen by a lot of people. The bike path has very heavy traffic, especially during the Spring, Summer and early Fall. Many bikers, runners and walkers pass by every hour. There will not be sales from the Kiosk, but your display can include your contact information. Hera Gallery will publicize The World’s Smallest Gallery on its website, blog, and Constant Contact mailings. A Facebook page will be developed.
    • A way to beautify the community. The stretch of the bike path where the kiosk is located contains other artwork including murals, sculpture, mosaics, and landscape architecture. The Worlds Smallest Art Gallery will add to the beautification of this area.

John Kotula is the coordinator of this project for Hera Gallery. If you are interested in showing your artwork on the bike path contact John at to get more details and to schedule a show.

**I have been notified that TWSAG may not be the world’s smallest art gallery! While I have no intention of giving up the title I feel I should give a footnote to This may be a good reason to visit Nashville!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Member! Amanda Swain Bingham

We are thrilled to announce our newest member, Amanda Swain Bingham. A native of Peace Dale, Rhode Island, she received a BFA from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Massachusetts.  She studied documentary photography with Bill Burke and attended Rhode Island School of Design for post graduate studies. Her most recent work is "Travels Without Skin", read more and view some of her work from the series below. 

Amanda Swain Bingham

I started noticing shadows out of the corner of my eye after the death of my very shy, but adventurous uncle four years ago. These sightings seemed protective, familiar and comical. I started to notice these shadows while doing household chores, allowing me to laugh at my vigorous vacuuming, as if I had friends to laugh with me at my rapid approach to cleaning. My shadow was a Giacometti figure dumping the trash, then an Aboriginal with a spear, unclogging the toilet. I began paying close attention to my shadows, how they enhanced domestic scenes, and more importantly, how they revealed my presence in nature. I encountered shadows everywhere. I experimented and grew more playful with my shadow; I searched water and glass for my shadow's reflection, and at once I was filled inside with rocks, roots or algae. I felt lonely when the sun vanished.
Children play with their shadows and imagine they are tangible. When I saw Peter Pan on Broadway as a child, I never forgot the first act when Peter's shadow somehow "fell off" of him. The notion of a free shadow, roaming and detached from its source made perfect sense to me. It still does. For a shadow to exist, light and darkness must both be present. The shadow is dark until  light "awakens" it, giving it life and its own free will.
So I share my story in "Travels Without Skin". I'm exposing the negative space and watching it come alive, connecting to the playful intersection of light and shadow. I'm my own prop, a useful shape to stand in light's way. The shadows may be lurking and ominous, or downright funny, as when my bat-eared terrier steps into a shot, but when my shadow-self appears more like a dream than a document, then I have the picture I want.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Closed Friday and Saturday, February 8th and 9th

Due to the impending storm Hera Gallery will be closed Friday, February 8th and Saturday, February 9th. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Currently on Exhibit: 26th Biennial Young Adults Exhibition featuring work from 11 RI High Schools.  On exhibit until February 23rd. 

We hope to see you soon!

Hera Gallery