Friday, April 30, 2010

House Finance Committe meeting this Wednesday

The RI State Council for the Arts' budget will be heard in the House Finance Committee on Wednesday, May 5. Take action today! Send the message to your representatives that the creative sector - and the jobs they represent - are critical to Rhode Island!

Three ways:

1. CALL. Take two minutes to follow the prompts on The RI State Council for the Arts
and call your Representative! They have provided speaking points, and they want to hear from you - their constituent.

2. EMAIL. Follow the link to send an email message to your Representative. There is a letter provided to start with. Add your personal experience, your opinion, your voice!

3. COME. YOU are needed in the room to show House Finance Committee members the abundant presence of the arts and creative sector in Rhode Island. Attend the hearing on May 5!

Hearing details: May 5, 1:00 pm, RI State House, Basement Rm 35

Friday, April 23, 2010

Intern of Excellence

Our intern,
Becky Peabody, has received an Excellence Award for her intaglio print "Flying Dream" in the University of Rhode Island Annual Juried Student Exhibition 2010.

Over 150 artworks were submitted by URI students to this years show, currently on view in the Main Gallery at the Fine Arts Center in Kingston until the end of May. The show was juried by Providence painter Simone Spruce and Hera Gallery member and photographer Alexandra Broches. They chose 50 artworks for the show and the top 10 received Excellence Awards.

They did a wonderful job picking out artwork and we recommend you go take a look if you get a chance. There is some extreme talent coming from URI art students this year. The gallery is open weekdays from 12-4 and will be open on Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May 23rd as well.

Becky has also recently been awarded 3rd place in the Carlotti Spring 2010 Art show, also at URI. This is a biennial show in the Carlotti Administration building. Her intaglio print "Fragmentation" along with 15 other works of art by URI art students will be on display here until their next show goes up in October 2010. "Fragmentation" is a work of art about Becky's fragmented relationship with her boyfriend, a United States Marine, while he was deployed in Iraq. "It's the most personal piece I've ever done" says Peabody.

Jeannette Jacobs featured in ArtQuilt Elements 2010 Exhibition

Gallery member Jeanette Jacobs' quilt "Splash" is featured in the Wayne Art Center's current international competitive quilt exhibit ArtQuilt Elements 2010. Jacobs quilt was one of 50 quilts selected from the hundreds of applications by a blue-ribbon jury. Wayne's show is the only biennial exhibition on the East Coast devoted exclusively to the art quilt. Jacobs' "Splash" reflects how traditional patterns in quilts are being updated to have a more contemporary look.

Click here to read the article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, or read below.

"A rich, lively competitive exhibit.
Wayne wraps itself up in art quilts
by Victoria Donohoe

Wayne is hosting an astonishingly good quilt show.

Certain cities and cultural institutions develop relationships with regularly held group exhibitions, which can take on mythical dimensions.

Venice has its Biennale, Pittsburgh its International. And suburban Wayne's ambitious neighborhood arts center is rapidly moving in that direction with its current "ArtQuilt Elements 2010" international competitive exhibit, featuring 50 quilts from 25 states and four other countries.

These quilts were selected from hundreds of applicants by a blue-ribbon jury. Already, this is the only biennial East Coast exhibition devoted exclusively to the art quilt, having grown out of the former ArtQuilts at the Sedgwick, which first organized a quilt show for a community festival in 1999.

It's well known that quilt shows of all kinds have a broad public appeal, and the current display boldly creates architectural beauty in the larger of the two main rooms where the biggest quilts hang.

The show's goals are twofold: presenting top-quality design, craftsmanship, and technique, and striving to educate viewers and the art world about the place art quilts occupy on the contemporary scene. This involves showing such technical processes as digital manipulation, printing on fabric, and new paints and drawing methods now applied to textiles.

Another interesting aspect is the growing number of former painters, architects, and designers now attracted to this field. So, while your grandmother's quilt-making hasn't been completely edged out of existence, it's definitely been marginalized in favor of these new enthusiasts. Evidence of professional artists' engagement can be seen in their celebration of quiltmaking as an art form, not to mention the presence of socially conscious images.

An incredibly rich range of lively subjects awaits the viewer in a display that testifies eloquently to the skill and sensitivity of artists for whom technical process seldom intrudes upon personal expression."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomorrow: Paint-by-Numbers Lottery Fundraiser!

Tomorrow, April 17th, 2010, at 7pm at the Church of the Ascension Parish Hall in Wakefield, RI is our Spring Fundraiser!
Tickets can be purchased at the event to win an artwork, or guests can just come to enjoy the work without purchasing one.
We hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bead By Number

Susan Hayward has created an amazing interpretation of a Paint By Number Kit... The image below doesn't do her work justice, but you can see that she has beaded the whole image with brightly colored seed beads. The intricate mosaic is truly astounding, and could be yours... if you buy a ticket to our Spring Fundraiser this Saturday. For more info, visit our home page.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Paint By Numbers!

Artist: Olivia McCullough

Artist: John Kotula

Artist: Jon Campbell

Artist: Roberta Richman

Artist: Linda Denosky-Smart

Artist: Chelsea Fredrikson

Artist: Luke Buffenmyer

Friday, April 9, 2010

Check out these amazing Paint By Numbers!

You can win these original works of art!!! All you have to do is buy a ticket to our spring fundraiser, the paint By Number Lottery, and you're guaranteed to randomly win a transformed paint by number kit. The event will be held on Saturday, April 17th, from 7:00 - 8:30 pm at the Church of the Ascension Parish Hall on Main Street. Tickets are only $50, and all proceeds go to benefit Hera Gallery. So, please support the arts and buy a ticket!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Two New Paint-By-Number kits!

Two more Paint-by-Number kits arrived today. This piece above is a lovely collage piece by Valerie Kitchen. Valerie used her Paint-by-Number kit as inspiration for this piece.

The second piece was completed by Morgan Ketner. Instead of modifying a purchased Paint-By-Number kit, she chose to create her own. This hand drawn image is labeled so that the winner can paint it in themselves.

You can win one of these beautiful works of art by purchasing a ticket to the Paint-By-Number Fundraiser on April 17th. See our homepage for more details.

Help for Rhode Island Artists and Art Organizations Affected by Flood

"On March 30 and 31 Rhode Island experienced a flood of historic proportions.  We are only just beginning to understand the level of damage this storm has left behind.

The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, in partnership with other state agencies, cities, towns and community groups, is committed to helping artists and arts organizations affected by this storm and its aftermath.  Over the next weeks and month (for
we expect this to be a long-term effort) we will attempt to assess the level of damage experienced by our colleagues in the arts community, provide information and assistance where possible, and seek resources to help in the recovery eff
Was your studio flooded?  Did you lose valuable works of art, equipment, tools?  Was a performance affected, causing you to lose revenue?  We need to gather information about facilities and equipment damage, what this may mean to budgets - loss of earned income because performances have to be stopped and/or exhibitions canceled, and whether people have any insurance to cover these loses.  Moreover, we need to get information on what this means to individuals - artists and administrators - in terms of your homes, studios, equipment, damaged work. 

We need to gather this information in order to make the case -- and seek support -- so that others understand how the entrepreneurs (artists) and small businesses in our field are facing the same things others are."

CLICK HERE to read more and visit their website