Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Providence Phoenix Article!

Check out the review of our show, Hera Artists and Friends!
Thanks to Johnette Rodriguez for taking the time to come down from Providence and experience the show.

Images from Hera Artists and Friends

Here are some images of the current exhibition, Hera Artists and Friends.  This show gave our gallery members an opportunity to not only display their own work, but to also act as curators and invite other artists to show in the gallery.  It's great to see textiles, sculpture, craft, photography, paintings, and drawings coexisting within the same space.  This show is a vibrant exhibition infused with a sense of life, possibly as a result of the cross pollination of the different works.  The quality of the show has been greatly strengthened by the juxtaposition of works within our small space.  As a result, this exhibition is a conglomeration of ideas, philosophies, medias, techniques, and intent.   Despite all the visual differences, the predominant commonality is that Hera Gallery is the central focal point which has brought about this milieu of artists.  Before the show began, it was impossible to project what the show was going to look like.  We had no idea what works we were receiving, or if the work would hang well together.  However, once everything came into the gallery, the show completely fell into place.  It is interesting to see how all of the disparate elements came together to form a cohesive exhibition, a menagerie of sorts.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wikipedia Page!

Our current intern, Victoria, has created a wikipedia page for the gallery. Wikipedia is an online based reference guide which allows people to add articles to the expanding database of information. We will continue to add information to the current article, as well as to link our article to similarly oriented pages. By linking to other subjects within the Wikipedia network, we will be able to locate Hera within a historical and conceptual context. Be sure to visit the link below to the Hera Gallery wikipedia page. Feel free to edit or add to the provided information, as that is the best way to expand upon the topic.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hera Artists And Friends

Hera Gallery is please to announce the exhibition, Hera Artists and Friends.
This exhibition gives Hera Gallery artists an opportunity to act as curators, as they have invited other practicing artists to participate in the show. As a result, the exhibition will portray the dynamic fabric of the extended artistic community with which Hera is an integral member.

Hera Artists and Friends articulates a sense of diversity within an artistic community. Artists will display a variety of different media, showing photography, painting, sculpture, prints, puppets, and much more. Participating will be Alexandra Broches, Barbara Pagh, Beth Nixon, Claudia Flynn, Cynthia Farnell, Darrell Matsumoto, Fran Kaufman, Jeff Bertwell, Jill McLaughlin, John Kotula, Leslie Bostrom, Linda Denosky-Smart, Myron Rubenstein, Nancy Dean, Robert Kizinsky, Roberta Richman, and Troy West.

Viewers will be able to see the integration of artistic ideas in the work on display, and Hera Artists and Friends will also visually represent the communal concerns that artists are currently dealing with in our region. This exhibition gives participants an opportunity to display their explorations in contemporary cultural, social, and aesthetic issues.

Atrium Gallery

Hera at One Capitol Hill
At the Atrium Gallery
November 1st – November 30th, 2007

Hera Gallery is pleased to announce the show, Hera at One Capitol Hill, hosted by the Atrium Gallery. This show features the work of Hera Gallery members Alexandra Broches, Linda Denosky-Smart, Jeannette Jacobs, John Kotula, Jill McLaughlin, Maureen Murray, Barbara Pagh, Roberta Richman, and Myron Rubenstein. The artists of Hera Gallery represent an identity of dedicated, passionate, contemporary artists located within our community.

Hera at One Capitol Hill offers a unique opportunity for Hera Gallery artists to be represented together in a conglomerate environment. The artists that are affiliated with the Hera Gallery are as unique and varied as the artwork that they create. Photography, printmaking, painting, and mixed media works on paper will come together to create a synchronicity of artworks referencing the individual artists and the ideals that Hera Gallery has been founded on. This exhibition will also give Hera Gallery members a specific opportunity to present their explorations in contemporary cultural, social, and aesthetic issues to a new audience.

The atrium gallery is a project of the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the Rhode Island Department of Administration. The Atrium gallery is located at One Capitol Hill in the first floor lobby of the William E. Powers Administration Building on Smith Street in Providence, across from the Rhode Island State House.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Performance Night

We recently had the performance night at the gallery which was associated with the Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace Exhibition. The night highlighted the works of local artists, and featured films, video, song, and performances.