Friday, September 21, 2012

Design for Change

Design for Change: A Survey of Landscape Architecture in the Green Movement is accepting applications from URI and RISD landscape architecture students until October 1st! 

October 20th – November 24th, 2012 
Curated by Emily Humphrey 

University of Rhode Island sophomore landscape architecture student 
Emily Humphrey has collaborated with Hera Gallery of Wakefield, Rhode 
Island, to curate an exhibition on green design in landscape architecture. 
This exhibition will have a focus on the role landscape architects play in 
addressing environmental issues, and will highlight their design process. 
The exhibition will be made up of a selection of work from students, 
academics, and professionals in the New England area. The pieces in this 
exhibition may range from preliminary sketches to drawings, drafts, models, 
conceptual design boards, and photographs. 

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Curatorial Statement

This exhibition focuses on the role landscape architects play in solving major problems in our world, and highlights the design process they utilize in order to do so.

As society continues to grow, landscape architects are responding to the ever-increasing need to create space for growing populations while protecting and conserving the natural world as well as valuable resources. Today, issues in the field of Landscape Architecture range from finding ways to reclaim and reuse industrial wastelands to incorporating green spaces into the established and developing urban environment.

It takes creative and critical thinkers to address such matters, to learn from past generation’s mistakes, and to respond with new and innovative ideas that will facilitate a more harmonious world. Today, a growing number of Landscape Architects are reaching the forefront of the design world by responding in this reflective way.

The pieces in this exhibition focus on the development of this approach to design, incorporating projects from the academics, students, and professionals. The uniting concepts illustrated in Design For Change are articulated in the preliminary sketches, drawings, drafts, models, and photographs that each participant has contributed.

For more details and to send submissions contact Emily Humphrey at:

Mara Trachtenberg Exhibiting at the Midwest Center for Photography

Hera Gallery member, Mara Trachtenberg will be exhibiting at the Midwest Center for Photography in Wichita, Kansas from September 28th to October 12th, 2012

Opening Reception: September 28, 7 - 10 p.m.

Find out more about the exhibit here

Mara Trachtenberg, Bunny Topiary

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introducing New Fall Intern

Hello! I am Dylan Butler and here is a little bit about me. 
          I was born in Warwick, Rhode Island where I lived for the first 11 years of my life. I then moved to Glocester, Rhode Island. From a young age, I always loved to draw and create things. When I was 12 years old my parents sent me to take cartooning and animation courses for young people at R.I.S.D. I loved seeing my ideas come to life and enjoyed group critiques; a concept unknown to me prior. By the time I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to continue learning about art.
          I am now attending the University of Rhode Island and majoring in Fine Arts. On the day of my first class, I was unsure of myself and my abilities. My first class was drawing 1, and my teacher was Gary Richman. He introduced me to the medium of printmaking and completely changed the way I looked at making art. He instilled within me with a confidence that has carried me to where I am today. My portfolio has been growing over the past few years, and it has taken me with it. Printmaking is my main focus, especially Intaglio and Relief. I also love photography and digital art. Art is a way of looking at oneself from another perspective. Art is imbued with the personality of its creator, and it is personally rewarding to create art because it helps reveal processes and thoughts going on that you may have been oblivious of.
          I play in a band called Electric Flood. People in general do not realize how related visual art and music are. Many of the same mechanics that create effective visual art can be applied to create music and vice versa. There is a synergism here that should not be overlooked! Self expression is what makes us human, and everyone needs a creative outlet of some kind.
         Whether I make a lucrative living solely on making art or not is rather irrelevant. I know that I will be creating art of many forms and mediums until my last day, paycheck or not.

Please check out my art page.

and my band's page!

Dylan Butler, After, Lino-Cut, 2009 

Dylan Butler, Wastelands, Etching, 2012


Calling Women Artists for two New York City Exhibitions in February

Listed below are two calls for art  from the Women’s Caucus for Art that will be shown in NYC this coming February.  

1.   “Bound"

We are seeking multiple expressions of Bound, which can range from literal to poetic, abstract to representational, and psychological to social & political commentary. Show work that explores the concepts of bound and borders—be they internal, external, constructed, imagined, imposed, or embraced and how boundaries define and shape our identities, relationships, ideas and politics. Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme broadly; submit works that have resonance and meaning to you.
JUROR: Cora Rosevear
Curator, Painting and Sculpture Department, Museum of Modern Art, NY
Phoenix Gallery
210 Eleventh Avenue @25th Street, Suite 902
New York, New York 10001
January 30 to February 23, 2013
Saturday, February 16th, 2013, 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Open to all self-identified women artists in the USA.

Artists may submit up to three works per entry,  all media accepted except giclees of original work are not permissible.  Works may not exceed 40” in width and installations may not exceed 5 sq ft.
Payment of $35 per entry for WCA members, $45 for Non-members through PayPal.

Must complete submission by 
Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 11:59 PM in your time zone.

2.  Diaspora"

DISAPORA – a scattering, a dispersion, a migration, a loss of homeland. Artists are asked to create original works that examine what it means to be separated from your roots, your center, your power, your ancestors, your community, your culture, your land, your home, your people – real or imagined, physical or metaphorical. Is repatriation or reconciliation possible? Desired? Wide interpretations are encouraged.
About the Exhibition:   Diaspora” is part of WCA's national WCA Conference that takes place from February 13-16, 2013 in New York, NY. The Women’s Caucus for Art Conference is held in conjunction with the College Art Association (CAA) Conference. WCA is a non-profit 501(c)3  organization and an affiliate society of CAA.
Juror:  Laura Kruger, curator at Hebrew Union College Museum.
New Century Artists Gallery
530 W 25th St # 406
New York, NY 10001
DATES OF EXHIBITIONFebruary 1 to February 16, 2013
ARTIST RECEPTIONSaturday, February 16th, 2013, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
ELIGIBILITY Open to all self-identified women artists in the USA.

60% of images juried into the exhibit will be WCA members, current as of 2013. As many as five images will be selected by invitation. We expect to hang 45-50 images in the gallery and an additional 25-50 in the show catalog.
SUBMISSIONSArtists may submit up to three works per entry.  All media is accepted except giclees of original work.
2D artwork may not exceed 60” in width or 5 square feet for installations. 
ENTRY FEESPayment of $30 per entry for WCA members, $40 for Non-members through PayPal.
Find the link to enter the show at:
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONMust complete submission by Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 11:59 PM in your time zone.


For more information on the Woman's Caucus for Art, contact: 
Karen Gutfreund
Vice President and National Exhibitions Director
Women's Caucus for Art
No. California TFAP Representative
The Feminist Art Project
cell: 408-203-5221

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hera Member, Roberta Richman wins a 2012 Women of Achievement Award!

Hera Gallery is thrilled to announce, Roberta Richman has won a 2012 Women of Achievement Award! She is one of eleven recipients in Rhode Island for this nationally recognized award. One of her pieces will also be featured on the fall cover of She Shines Magazine.

Congratulations Roberta!

Find out more about the event and Roberta below:


YWCA Rhode Island Announces 2012 
Women of Achievement Award Winners

Join us in recognizing the best in the accomplishments of women across 

industry, culture and public service.

8th Annual
Women of Achievement Awards
Thursday,  September 27, 2012
Join us at the awards luncheon

Join YWCA at the 8th Annual Women of Achievement Awards Luncheon on Thursday, September 27 from 11:30am to 1:30pm at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln. Deb Ruggiero, local radio personality for Amazing Women, is the event emcee. Tickets are $50 and underwriting opportunities are also available.
YWCA Rhode Island is pleased to announce the eleven Women of Achievement Award Winners for 2012: 
  • Toby Ayers
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Chace
  • Carrie Bridges Feliz
  • Hilary Jones
  • Patricia Martinez
  • Carol O'Donnell
  • Adeola Oredola
  • Valerie Perry
  • Carolyn Rafaelian
  • Roberta Richman
  • Barbara Sokoloff
Women of Achievement Awards are recognized nationally. They bring attention to the accomplishments of
women in industry, culture and public service in local communities. The awards are based on achievements
promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity. Selection criteria focuses on exceptional skills, leadership and
mentoring, breaking new ground or old barriers; and being agents of positive change and inspiring others.

Roberta Richman has held numerous positions at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections
 during the course of her almost 33 years of employment. In her last position held from 2001 until 
July 1, 2012, she served as assistant director of rehabilitative services overseeing community corrections 
including probation, parole, and home confinement, and all prison based programming and treatment
 including education and vocational training, health services, mental health and substance abuse 
treatment and many specialized counseling programs. During the ten years of her tenure as warden, 
she introduced many innovative gender responsive programs for female offenders. Her primary focus 
throughout her career has been on preparing incarcerated men and women for their reentry into the 
community upon release and the development of activities designed to bridge the gap between
 institutional services and community corrections.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

John Kotula Exhibiting in The World's Smallest Art Gallery

John Kotula will be exhibiting in The World's Smallest Art Gallery, a kiosk on the South County Bike Path, September 15th through November 1st, 2012.
John Kotula had not intended to exhibit his own work in The World's Smallest Art Gallery, but had a last minute cancellation and had recently completed this series of 30 I-Pad drawings.

Each month, Annex Comics organizes a Facebook event called a 30 Day Drawing Challenge. A prompt is posted for each day of the month and participants create a piece of artwork in response to the prompt. People do drawings, cartoons, paintings, poems, stories, etc. and post them on the Facebook Event Page.

These are Kotula's drawings for August 2012. They were all done on his I-Pad using a variety of aps, primarily Sketchbook Pro, Photo Toaster, and Gradient. Each piece includes a photo of a vintage handkerchief.

The World’s Smallest Art Gallery is:
• A kiosk on the South County Bike Path ( It is located in Peace Dale where the bike path crosses Route 108. The kiosk is a beautifully designed and built structure that has two display cases. Each measures 42” X 41” x 2”. The cases are weatherproof and have sturdy locks.
• A joint project of Hera Gallery ( and Peace Dale Neighborhood Revitalization, Inc. (
• A place to show your artwork. Hera Gallery will be managing the kiosk as a place for artists to display their work. You may have a six-week, one-person show in the kiosk on a first come, first serve basis. Work is not juried, but must be “family friendly.” Artists are asked to choose work that does not depict nudity, sexuality or violence. Neither Hera Gallery nor PDNRI will insure the work. Artists display work at their own risk.
• A way of having your work seen by a lot of people. The bike path has very heavy traffic, especially during the Spring, Summer and early Fall. Many bikers, runners and walkers pass by every hour. There will not be sales from the Kiosk, but your display can include your contact information. Hera Gallery will publicize The World’s Smallest Gallery on its website, blog, and Constant Contact mailings. A Facebook page will be developed.
• A way to beautify the community. The stretch of the bike path where the kiosk is located contains other artwork including murals, sculpture, mosaics, and landscape architecture. The World’s Smallest Art Gallery will add to the beautification of this area.
John Kotula is the coordinator of this project for Hera Gallery. If you are interested in showing your artwork on the bike path contact John at to get more details and to schedule a show.

Check out John's blogs: 
Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man 

Gallery Talk by Myron Rubenstein and Barbara Pagh

Gallery Talk and Q & A
Wednesday, September 19th
3:30 to 4:30pm

Please join us Wednesday, September 19th from 3:30 to 4:30pm for an informal gallery talk and Q & A by our current exhibiting artists, Myron Rubenstein and Barbara Pagh. 

Myron Rubenstein, Heads Up, Intaglio, 2010
Myron Rubenstein

Myron previously worked as a graphic designer, and created art for years with traditional media, with a focus on canvas, oil and mixed media.  Over the last few years he has embraced his digital skills, searching for the convergence of traditional painting, photography and the virtual world of computing. Incorporating today’s technology with traditional painting on canvas has led to a very personal form of computer generated art. He has most recently shown in the Candita Clayton Gallery in Pawtucket, RI. Rubenstein was awarded a 2012 RISCA project grant for his intaglio prints, which will be showcased in this exhibition. 
Find out more about Rubenstein's Solo Exhibition, Figures In-taglio+ here.

Barbara Pagh, Tidal ZonePhotolithograph on Handmade Paper, 2011
Barbara Pagh

Printmaking allows Pagh to experiment with the multiple in different ways by printing different colors and varying the combinations of images. Pagh rarely makes an edition, except for group portfolios, so each print is unique. She usually starts her process with making paper. Pagh works with abaca and makes sheets of various sizes. The photographs are done on site and then altered in Photoshop. From those prints she makes negatives and exposes them on a light sensitive aluminum lithographic plate. The plates are saved and often re-used in different ways. Pagh also makes collages with the extra printed elements.
Find out more about Pagh's Solo Exhibition, Coast to Coast here.