Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exhibiting WATER Artist: Haley Nannig

Haley Nannig
"Lunar Sisters" (54"x54") - Haley Nannig
Haley Nannig is primarily a painter producing work with pattern, collage, and both thick gestural paint marks completely dependent on immediacy and speed. Fascinated in the idea of spending a large or little amount of time on a layer and then completely wiping it out, leaving only windows of time and the feeling of cycles. Her work is influenced by the environment she resides in: the sea which she was raised by, the mountains she climbs, and the flat farmland she now continues her practice.
Haley attends Alfred University, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art with a specialization in Painting and Printmaking and a Minor in both Art History and Education.

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WATER opens April 11th at the Hera Gallery.