Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Exhibiting WATER Artist: Dannon Schroeder

Dannon Schroeder
"Induce" (10"x6"x3") - Dannon Shroeder

Dannon Schroeder is a sculptor with a BA in Art Education, MA in sculpture, and a MFA in wooden sculpture. Schroeder focuses on ecology, biology, and sociobiology through his wooden pieces. 

Schroeder describes his work with the following:
"From the very first existence of humankind, an ongoing fragility between man and nature has been stretched and strained like a rubber band. Not completely snapping in two, the balance has been sustainable thus far. The human need to rely on nature for its abundance of resources exposes the weaknesses and strengths of our existence. The examination of human perspective towards the natural world has been a progressive tool for cognitive development since the origin of our species."

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WATER Opens April 11th at the Hera Gallery.

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