Monday, December 2, 2019

Meet Susie Matthews 

Tell us your artist story, some biographical info, when did you decide to be an artist? Why do you make art? Where did you study? Etc.

I declared my major in studio art while I was a sophomore at Brown only so I could get into the popular art classes, but then when it came to ‘really’ declare a major I realized I was in the right place already. Since that time my commitment to my art making has waned and waxed.  I have taken some detours in order to study wooden boatbuilding, to get my captain’s license, to focus on teaching art, and to have children. Since getting my MFA in ceramics from RISD fifteen years ago I have become increasingly focused on making sculpture. I ask myself often why I make art and I’m honestly not always certain I should, but I love making things and I love thinking about what things mean.  

What do you want people to walk away with after experiencing your work?

Questions. A sense of familiarity, combined with uncertainty. Maybe a smile. 

What influences your work? Why?

I used to spend more time looking at man-made objects (tools and toys), the natural world (shells, seeds, flowers, fruit) as well as other artists. Eva Hesse and Richard Deacon, were important early influences.  I also studied the history of ceramics and thought a lot about the role objects play in our lives, how intimate we are with some things.  These ideas and images have become imbedded into my consciousness and now as I get older I find myself looking inwards more than out. That probably has benefits as well as drawbacks.

What does it mean to you to participate in Hera, either as an artist member OR as an exhibiting artist?

Hera is a wonderful community of serious, dedicated artists. My life is warmer and richer thanks to the support, encouragement and high standards of my fellow members. 

instagram: @smmartmaker