Saturday, April 25, 2015

Birdhouse Fundraiser is tomorrow!

Ben Anderson
Just a reminder that the Birdhouse fundraiser is tomorrow! Join us at The Farmer's Daughter at 716 Mooresfield Rd. 

More information about Farmer's Daughter can be found on their website here

Here are some examples of what we've received so far!

James Brown
Kristin Lamb

Friday, April 24, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: Kerry Kolenut

Kerry Kolenut:
"Swimming Pool 3" (24"x16") - Kerry Kolenut
Her Statement:
"Most individuals participate in the collection of images, sometimes represented as an album, a scrapbook, a frame, or a filled shoebox.  Images of families and friends become a personal history; it gives both a family and an individual an identity.   We get a sense of who we are and where we come from, whether or not there is someone there to tell us who or what is in the image.  We get a sense of what has come before us. 
Snapshot photographs are often connected to ideas of identity, memory, and relationships. Often how we remember and what we think we remember is fragmented.  Without a reference to a specific person or place what happens to the photograph? Does it still tell us something about our family history or ourselves? I have gathered images from family albums, enlarged them, and covered a portion of the image information with graphite. All that is left are parts of the image, based on ideas of repetition in location, color, patterns, and events in the original image. The information still exists at the base, but is now masked.  These images all leave the swimming pool water behind.  We all have memories of swimming pools and specific experiences with them.  So what happens when the specific person or location is removed from the image, does it become relatable or more isolated from our own identity and can a memory still be formed without all of the information?"

Check out her work at Hera! WATER ends May 9th

Thursday, April 23, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: Barbara Simcoe

Barbara Simcoe:
"Montserrat" (15"x20") - Barbara Simcoe

Her Statement: 
"The world is largely pre-occupied with itself on a level that excludes spirituality. In the culture's violence, its unrelenting dedication to the exterior to the exclusion of the interior and its fascination with spectacle, is there a place for contemplation. 
The figurative imagery I use in my work is exclusively of women and it is in the area of feminine archetypes that I am most interested in woman as vessel of creativity, as intercessor, as of the earth, as mother, as primal aspect of the feminine/masculine dichotomy, as the complement of masculine divinity. These are the subtexts of my work.
In designing my pieces I direct my actions to subconsciously access archetypes to create works that function as metaphor. They are not meant to be overtly narrative, though there is an undercurrent of a non-linear kind. In this regard the works are associative and referential. My artworks come out of the belief that discord and disorientation must be experienced in order to suggest the possibility of attaining wisdom. They are intended to be vehicles for contemplation of silence as the medium through which one can sense spirituality. They are quiet yet at the same time they challenge a sensory overloaded and violent culture. The intention is that they function to mediate the space between perception and meditation, a liminal space that is ephemeral and intuitively accessed."

Check out her work at Hera! WATER ends May 9th. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: David Mangels

David Mangels:
"Frozen Mosaic no.1" (12"x12") - David Mangels
Mangels lives in Massachusetts, and can be found hiking about New England or the Four Corners Region with his wife, Wendy. He is a member of the Cambridge Art AssociationConcord Art Association, and One Percent for the Planet.  In 2013, Mangels was awarded the Frances N. Roddy Prize by the Concord Art Association for my work 'Clearing Storm, Whitman County #1 and #2'.
His Statement:
"The edges of the nature are filled with beauty. A storm clearing at sunrise creates a glowing landscape that makes your heart fill with joy. The overlap between two climates can create unique ecosystems that give spark to the imagination within all of us. Extremes of desert or arctic wilderness offer moments of stark wonder that might remain unknown simply because so few people have the opportunity to see them. In the rhythm of spring, summer, fall, winter and spring again, each season has its moment of glory.
The idea of the 'decisive moment', coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, is one that permeates every genre of photography. Landscape photography is no exception. In the landscape, though, the decisive moment which makes a compelling photograph can play out over a much longer timeframe. Desert cacti open their blooms only once during a brief period each year. An iceberg calved from its parent glacier has only a short life before melting away. Impermanence is everywhere.
My work celebrates the edges of the natural world and the beauty of impermanence. Craft and vision are honed to capture moments of simple splendor through light, color, lines, texture. 
This is our home. Take a moment to feel what it has to offer."
Check out his work at Hera! Water ends May 9th

Birdhouse Donations by Friday!

Birdhouse Donations need to be in by Friday! Bring them to Hera or South County Art Supply business hours.

Hera Gallery is open from 1pm - 5pm Wednesday through Friday and 10am - 4pm on Saturday. 

South County Art Supply is open from 11am - 6pm Tuesday through Thursday, 11am - 7am Friday, and 11am - 6pm Saturday. 

Here are some examples of those already submitted!
David Dawson
Rob Cagnetta
Jack Massey
Remember to have fun with it and we can't wait to see the outcome!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: John Francis

John Francis:
"Reflections of Bruneau Dunes" (36"x36") - John Francis

John Francis graduated Magna Cum Laude with BS in Graphic design from University of Cincinnati (1974) and an MS in Communications with an interactive technology emphasis from Florida State University (1995).
John has worked professionally in the public and private sectors on a diverse range of projects including corporate identity programs, multimedia, signage, publications and books. His clients have included a wide spectrum from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to a performance artist. John has won several awards for his design work and was one of four national nominees for the Graphic Arts Guild’s Walter Hortens Distinguished Service Award in 2001.
Check out his work at Hera! WATER ends May 9th. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: Holly Lay

Holly Lay:
"Spend All Day" - Holly Lay

Holly Lay is a photographer who focus in film and polaroid forms, while shooting with the subjects of landscapes and portraiture. Through these subjects, she finds aesthetic beauty.  

Her Statement:

"At a certain age one realizes that life is short and age is inevitable. The sense of immortality begins to fade and this realization really hit me at one specific moment. I had a dream to go to my childhood home and search in a closet for something. In this closet I found a box labeled “Wendy”. Wendy, my mother, passed away when I was at the age of seven from breast cancer. I only knew her from what memories I had and old Polaroids I found of her. In this box under old get well cards I found documents from the hospital she was visiting. These documents stated that her cancer had gone undetected for years and in her early twenties it had started to form. This of course scared me; she was my age when she had developed it. I started to evaluate my life and more importantly I started photographing even more. These instant images I started taking reminded me of her, the fact that these images could out live me. I photographed places I went, friends, family, and seemingly unimportant moments in my life as well as the best moments. This series of instant images has not only become a huge part of my life but a coping mechanism and a way for me to feel connected to my mother again."

Come check out her work at Hera! WATER is open till May 9th.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: David Roon

David Roon:
"Liquid Interface" - David Roon
David Roon learned the basics of ceramics through coursework at the University of Minnesota and the University of Idaho. He was heavily influenced by a series of courses taken with Minnesota artist Steven Hemmingway, who works with a similar mosaic-style approach to Raku. He has been refining his own unique vision and technique part time since 1994, opening his own private studio in 2010.  David works with a technique called ‘Raku mosaic’. All of his work is wheel-thrown, but most of his wares (such as water features and lanterns) are assembled from multiple elements. He etches stylized natural and mythological designs into his wheel-thrown greenware- the carved lines are sealed with wax, and the interstitial spaces are hand-painted with various Raku glazes. Each piece is kiln fired and plunged into a closed chamber filled with combustible materials, where the carved lines are smoked black, and the glazed sections take on metallic flashings, crackle patterns, and other organic-looking textures. The resultant surfaces evoke living stained-glass windows. 

His Statement
"In 'Liquid Interface', I want to challenge the viewer to consider the consequences of replacing 'water as a public good' with 'water as a commodity'. I'm also interested in plastic bottles, and the way they reflect our collective ideas about permanence, worth, and transience. Objectively, these objects display a beauty and environmental persistence that rivals ceramics (the main medium for these works). and yet we treat them like garbage. 
This installation is interactive. If you brought bottled water to the exhibition, and if you finish your bottle water over the course of of your visit, I encourage you to add your bottle to the collection."

Come check out his work at Hera! WATER Exhibit ends May 9th.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

WATER Exhibit Featuring Artist: William Nieberding

William Nieberding
"Le Reve" 11"x15" - William Nieberding 
William Nieberding is an assistant professor of Art Education at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. His photographs include traditional silver-based black and white portraits, landscapes, and figure studies as well as digital work. The image presented here is from a series exploring physical and intangible relationships to water. William also writes about art, photography, and the discourse of vision. This work takes a focus on phenomenology, and how different ways of seeing offer insight into contemporary understandings of photography. William holds a Ph.D. in Art Education from The Ohio State University, and masters in photography from Purdue University.

His statement:
"As beings of mostly water, we are continually drawn to contemplate our relationships with it. Le RĂªve is part of a larger series of photographs that indulges in this contemplation through the picturing of bodies in and bodies of water. Begun in the late 1990’s, and shot on black and white film, this series continues to draw me as an artist. Contemporary images are recorded digitally, and film negatives are now re-envisioned in ink, rather than silver.
Creating the work offers for me a most direct and embodied reflection on our relationships to water. A certain meditative tension may be found working in open spaces made private by the early hour, by time of year, or by inclement weather; made private also by the isolating action of being singled out as photographer and subject. This relationship has been the basis of my work, the idea of the artistic act as a unique exchange of gazes and reflections."

Check out his work at Hera! Water Exhibition ends May 9th.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Exhibiting WATER Artist: Haley Nannig

Haley Nannig
"Lunar Sisters" (54"x54") - Haley Nannig
Haley Nannig is primarily a painter producing work with pattern, collage, and both thick gestural paint marks completely dependent on immediacy and speed. Fascinated in the idea of spending a large or little amount of time on a layer and then completely wiping it out, leaving only windows of time and the feeling of cycles. Her work is influenced by the environment she resides in: the sea which she was raised by, the mountains she climbs, and the flat farmland she now continues her practice.
Haley attends Alfred University, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art with a specialization in Painting and Printmaking and a Minor in both Art History and Education.

Check out more of her work at

WATER opens April 11th at the Hera Gallery.