Friday, October 31, 2008

New Office Space

Here are some pictures of our new office space. More images will be posted during the moving in process.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alexandra Broches and Jill McLaughlin at The Meeting Room Gallery

Hera Gallery is pleased to present the work of Alexandra Broches and Jill McLaughlin at the Meeting Room Gallery at Bagelz of Wakefield. Both artists are current members of Hera Gallery, and both will be exhibiting recent photographs.

Alexandra Broches will be showing photographs from recent trips to Cuba and China. Her black and white photography captures hidden moments in unique lands.

Jill McLaughlin will be showing a new series of black and white photographs. She likes to describe them as still-lives with a human touch. The photographs capture unusual combinations of ordinary items from her studio, posed with hands. This juxtaposition of inanimate object and human body gives the images a life of their own. The still-lives invite viewers to take a second look and imagine a story behind the images.

Hera Gallery’s partnership with Bagelz of Wakefield is a result of Hera Gallery’s temporary loss of exhibition space. Due to property development, Hera will soon be forced to leave the building that has housed the gallery for over 34 years on Main Street in Wakefield When construction is completed; Hera plans on returning to the Main Street location. During the interim, two years with out a permanent exhibition space may seem like a significant loss, however, Hera is excited to use this opportunity to try new exhibition formats and explore alternative programming.

Below: Alexandra Broches, Vedado Havana.
Bottom: Jill McLaughlin, Magic.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hera GAllery Welcomes New Board Member, Viera Levitt

Hera Gallery is pleased to welcome Viera Levitt to the Board of Directors. Levitt has worked with the gallery in the past by hosting lectures and participating in exhibitions. Since 1996, Levitt has curated and co-curated more than thirty exhibitions in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, and the USA. Originally from Slovakia, she worked with the leading Contemporary Arts Museum, the Jan Koniarek Gallery. Viera has been living in Rhode Island since 2006, where she now works as an independent curator facilitating exhibitions both locally and abroad.

Viera Levitt’s most recent curatorial project was an exhibition of Central European video art titled ‘Close Encounters.’ The show was held at the University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center Galleries & Kingston Train Station (January-February 2008). She has also curated ‘Video in Progress’, a three-part series New Video Art from Central Europe (May – July 2007) at RISD Museum and Decaying Constant – Images from Poland by Denny Moers (RI, USA) and Tomas Agat Blonski (Slovakia) at the Courthouse Center for the Arts, West Kingston, RI (April 2007).

Viera Levitt was also awarded the ArtsLink residency in Graduate Studies at The Rhode Island School of Design in Providence (2002), internship at the Photography Department of Museum of Modern Art in New York (2005), and Study tour of Japanese Contemporary Art organized by Japan Foundation (2005). She gave lectures about contemporary art in Bratislava, Berlin, Rotterdam, Hiroshima, New Delhi, Caracas or Providence, RI.

Viera Levitt writes “Column from the USA” for cultural section of Slovak daily SME. She is the member of IKT - International Curatorial Association (

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last Board Meeting on Main Street for a while...

This past Wednesday was the night of the month that we routinely set aside for Hera's Board Meeting. This was also the last night that we will be having our meeting in the Main Street Gallery space until construction is completed, and we move back onto the property. It was a good meeting, and we were lucky to have some members attending who don't normally come to the meetings. Pictured from the bottom left going clockwise is: Barbara Pagh, John Kotulla, Jill McLaughlin, Kaiper Wilson, Donna Gustafson, Islay Taylor, Jeannette Jacobs. And Alexandra Broches was there, but she is behind the lens taking the picture!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Troy West at the AS220 Project Space

Housing + Transportation + Civic Design
October 3 – October 27, 2008
Gallery Talk and Discussion, October 16, 6PM

The AS220 Project Space presents Housing + Transportation + Civic Design, projects that chronicle South County architect Troy West’s exploration of design issues from 1963 to the present.

On display will be Transportation Projects from the 1995 Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Design Grant for Light Rail Transportation for South County to the 1997 Design Studies of Westport, Connecticut Railroad Station Competition, which was awarded First Prize.

Housing Designs include works from the 1984 New American House International Competition (Minneapolis, MN) that garnered First Prize to a 2008 prototype on sustainable/affordable housing (Providence, RI).

Civic Designs include 1998 2-stage Neighborhood Revitalization Design Competition where West’s team was awarded First Prize for the Southside Broad Street Design Project (Providence, RI) to the ongoing design transformation project at Dale Carlia (Wakefield, RI) into a safe, sustainable, mixed use extension of Main Street from 2002 to present.

West received his architecture degrees (BArch/MArch) from Carnegie Mellon University and later joined the faculty and founded ARCHITECTURE 2001, the first university based community design center in the country. He is one of the original seven architects selected to form the new School of Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology, culminating in 45 years of professional practice and teaching.

Troy West practices architecture and design with his partners Anker West and Claudia Flynn. He is actively involved locally with the Hera Gallery and Educational Foundation, DOT Watch, Inc., the Sierra Club, South County Land Trust, and nationally with Architects, Designers, Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR/NY).

Above image: interior gallery shot during exhibition opening. West is pictured second from left.