Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Exhibiting WATER Artist: Jonathan Beckerman

Jonathan Beckerman
"H20 Pink & Blue" (20"x40"x1") - Jonathan Beckerman

Jonathan Beckerman is a Los Angeles photographer and artist that studied at Ithaca College and is now located in Connecticut. Beckerman focuses his photography and art on the beauty and effect of a better environment around the world. From all the areas where he has lived around this country, he makes it his goal to improve his carbon footprint. 

Beckerman best describes his exhibiting pieces with:
"Element h2o, a transparent fluid responsible for supporting the medium of life is commonly known as water. The result of heating and cooling, water in its essence is a true artist of shaping physical realms by carving landscapes, painting skies, and building bodies. Delicate and ferocious, h2o has the power to support and take life all while becoming the object of reflection.
This photographic image series of moments illustrates the transformation of water over space and time. Waters malleable form allows for many abstractions, as it seems to take the liberty to convey attitudes and emotions through nonrepresentational means.
Forcing a mass of spinning air and liquid through a cylindrical column created wormhole like dynamic vortexes. The cyclonic system pulls things into its center as if to become a microcosm of the harmonic interdependent rhythms of the universe.
These abstract expressions of artificially lite spinning liquid serve as a reminder of the impermanence and beauty of nature. The camera allows us to pause these fleeting moments in order to gaze into the eye of this infinite flow.
For just a moment, just a single breath of meditation we breathe in the waters essence as if to appreciate the wisdom of a flower as it blooms in spring. "

More of his work can be found on his website at beckermanexhibits.com.

WATER opens April 11th at the Hera Gallery

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