Friday, February 20, 2015

Introducing Our New Intern, Ben Riley!

Hello all!

My name is Benjamin Riley, and I am the Hera Gallery’s newest intern for the Winter/Spring time. I am a junior at the University of Rhode Island with a double major in Studio Art and Art History. I’ve lived in Rhode Island most of my life and focus my time and effort towards art and supporting the arts. If you were ever to try to me, you can find me at the beach, no matter the season.

When it comes to art, my mediums vary. I work in graphite, I print-make, and I dabble in digital photography quite often. Drawing has always been an escape for me and I’ve been working at it and practicing all my life. When it comes to my drawings, I focus a lot in blending it in with other mediums, creating mixed media pieces. When it comes to my photography, I focus on model photography and turning the human body into art.

After I graduate from URI, I plan on going to graduate school for my master’s degree in Museum Studies.

I am very excited to be apart of the Hera Gallery staff and help out and learn in any way I can!

Here’s to a great semester at Hera!

Benjamin Riley

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sara Breslin at The World's Smallest Art Gallery

Sara Breslin is a recent graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She has been part of five group shows including the 2013 Senior Seminar Exhibition at Studio Z in Providence, the 2014 Senior Seminar Exhibition held at the University of Rhode Island, and two University of Rhode Island Carlotti Exhibitions (2014, 2013).  Most recently Sara was part of a group show called XVIII: A Collection of Emerging Artists at Hera Gallery in Wakefield.  She is based in Rhode Island and her focus is illustration, painting and mixed media work.  She is also known for her love of and undeniable talent in portrait painting and has had extensive commission.
 Currently, Sara is also working on her first graphic novel entitled The Human War, which deals with the relationship between nature and mankind.  The work to be displayed at the World’s Smallest Art Gallery is a series of works related to the development of this novel.  The pieces are rendered with watercolor, gouache and gold leaf and are incredibly beautiful works with a serious message. 

      Her character Okaason, is a personified version of nature, a powerful godlike creature that lives in a primitive version of our world. She is beautiful and deadly, she controls the winds and the rain, and she even controls life and death itself.  Confronted by humans, she begins to change and evolve.  Okaason learns what it is like to be human, through darkness and in light. She is constantly confronted with right and wrong, never really sure the path to go down. When all hope seems lost, she meets Zeus; the son of Rion and Zeus becomes a true ray of hope.   
      The Human War is Sara’s way of telling the world how she feels, and sharing her opinions.  Sara believes very strongly that art is powerful and can affect people in many ways.  What she hopes will happen after reading this book is that those who read it will begin to question their actions, think about the earth and think about how we interact with the environment.  You can see Sara’s work for the next six weeks at the World’s Smallest Art Gallery and you can also visit her on Instagram and her website to learn more about this talented artist.
Instagram: yournameissara

* The World’s Smallest Art Gallery is:
·      A kiosk on the South County Bike Path ( It is located in Peace Dale where the bike path crosses Route 108. The kiosk is a beautifully designed and built structure that has two display cases. Each measures 42” X 41” x 1”. The cases are weatherproof and have sturdy locks.
·      A joint project of Hera Gallery ( and  Peace Dale Neighborhood Revitalization, Inc. (
·      A place to show your artwork. Hera Gallery will be managing the kiosk as a place for artists to display their work. You may have a six-week, one-person show in the kiosk on a first come, first serve basis. Work is not juried, but must be “family friendly.” Artists are asked to choose work that does not depict nudity, sexuality or violence. Neither Hera Gallery nor PDNRI will insure the work. Artists display work at their own risk.
·      A way of having your work seen by a lot of people. The bike path has very heavy traffic, especially during the Spring, Summer and early Fall. Many bikers, runners and walkers pass by every hour. There will not be sales from the Kiosk, but your display can include your contact information. Hera Gallery will publicize The World’s Smallest Gallery on its website, blog, and Constant Contact mailings. A Facebook page will be developed.
·      A way to beautify the community. The stretch of the bike path where the kiosk is located contains other artwork including murals, sculpture, mosaics, and landscape architecture. The World’s Smallest Art Gallery will add to the beautification of this area.
Rhonda LaPorte is the coordinator of this project for Hera Gallery. If you are interested in showing your artwork on the bike path contact John at to get more details and to schedule a show.