Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Help Cynthia Farnell support her photo essay with Kickstarter

From our previous Gallery Director, Cynthia Farnell:

Dan and I returned from Myrtle Beach last Sunday after wrapping up our final shoot for Wish You Were Here - our photo essay on Waikiki Village, a small family- owned motel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The series will be exhibited at the Franklin G. Burroughs & Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum of Myrtle Beach from January 8 until February 26 , 2012. We have been raising funds on Kickstarter and need your help! We have until Thursday August 18 at 7:58PM (that's tomorrow!) to meet our Kickstarter goal!

Aspects of this project have been supported by the South Carolina Arts Commission. We have also applied for funding from the Humanities Council South Carolina, but support from artists, educators and arts professionals such as yourself is vital to Wish You Were Here!

Please take the time to check us out on Kickstarter and follow us on Posterous ( - any donation is welcome and rewards are available!. I'll be glad to answer any questions.

Thank you!
Cythia and Dan

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mural Project

For the past two days, John Kotula, Jerry Shippee, Evan Hanson (a.k.a. 90sevan), Ross Gronvold, Melanie Bicknell, Harry Kenyon, Jesse Kenyon, Wayne Quackenbush, Fred Cahill and Amber Swann have been hard at work creating the new mural to be hung on the side of Hera Gallery. According to Barbara Pagh, this is to be the fourth incarnation of the Hera mural. The first was created by John Mascartola who worked with at risk high school students to create individual panels. The second was four panels of the Saugatucket River that were created in conjunction with an exhibit. Beth Schenke worked with young art students and painted the pieces in the back room at the gallery. Eventually the pieces were given to the Saugatucket River Heritage Coalition. The current mural of a woman reading to a group of students is in need of replacement due to the effects of New England weather. The new mural includes a variety of images such as a pair of roosters, graffiti and cartoon style designs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Micro/Macro (PNSNE)

NEWPORT, RI: Twenty-four members of the Printmakers' Network of Southern New England
(PNSNE) have assembled a diverse and arresting array of original prints for "MICRO/MACRO," opening at the Newport Art Museum on September 3 and running through December 31, 2011. Each artist responded to at least one of two size-related challenges. Talks, workshops and other programs are planned throughout the fall to coincide with "MICRO/MACRO." The Museum hosts a reception for exhibitions opening in September on Friday, September 9, 5 - 7 pm, 76 Bellevue Avenue. The reception is free for Museum members. A $10 donation is suggested for non-members.

Participating in "MICRO MACRO" are Grace Bentley-Scheck, Shirley Bernstein, Joan Washburn Cole, Claudia R. Fieo, Carol Strause FitzSimonds, Jenni Freidman, Donna M. Frustere, Elizabeth A. Goddard, Eric Goldberg, Sarah H.Gustafson, Joan Jacob son-Samore, Victoria Jutras Kniering, Melody Knight Leary, Amanda Lebel, Jim Lee, Rhea Nowak, Barbara Pagh, Margot K. Rocklen, Margot Rubin, Kim Tester,Carmela Venti, Jo Yarrington, Yuemei Zhang, and Elizabeth Bonner Zimmerman.

For more information about "MICRO/MACRO: Printmakers' Network of Southern New England" and associated programs visit or call (401) 848-8200.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Calling all poets and artists, an invitation from Lori Roeleveld

I was greeted this morning by an exciting email in my 'inbox' from a poet friend. There is in the works, a four week poetry/art series that is being put together to present visual and word artists to the public at the Wakefield YMCA. The format seems to be an informal share and tell that will do a good job engaging the public. Please take a moment to read the call for participants below... and feel free to email Lori Roeleveld about participating.

Artists and Poets for Lunch at the South County YMCA on alternate Fridays running from 9/23 through 12/2 .

I'm hoping to line up one poet and one artist to come in from 12:00-1:15 to share their work and talk a little bit about their process. We have a large senior population here around that time but also lots of empty nesters. I'm also approaching area restaurants to ask them to support the arts by donating one healthy buffet lunch. They can showcase their menu and advertise their business as well as support the Y and the arts.

With 6 time slots, I'm looking for 6 poets and 6 artists. I really believe that creativity is part of a healthy lifestyle and want to find ways to promote that concept through the YMCA.

You can reach me through FaceBook, or at my YMCA email: or my YMCA phone at 783-3900 ext 137. Thanks!

Dates for the Lunches:
September 23
October 7, October 21
November 4, November 18
December 2