Monday, April 20, 2015

WATER Exhibition Featuring Artist: Holly Lay

Holly Lay:
"Spend All Day" - Holly Lay

Holly Lay is a photographer who focus in film and polaroid forms, while shooting with the subjects of landscapes and portraiture. Through these subjects, she finds aesthetic beauty.  

Her Statement:

"At a certain age one realizes that life is short and age is inevitable. The sense of immortality begins to fade and this realization really hit me at one specific moment. I had a dream to go to my childhood home and search in a closet for something. In this closet I found a box labeled “Wendy”. Wendy, my mother, passed away when I was at the age of seven from breast cancer. I only knew her from what memories I had and old Polaroids I found of her. In this box under old get well cards I found documents from the hospital she was visiting. These documents stated that her cancer had gone undetected for years and in her early twenties it had started to form. This of course scared me; she was my age when she had developed it. I started to evaluate my life and more importantly I started photographing even more. These instant images I started taking reminded me of her, the fact that these images could out live me. I photographed places I went, friends, family, and seemingly unimportant moments in my life as well as the best moments. This series of instant images has not only become a huge part of my life but a coping mechanism and a way for me to feel connected to my mother again."

Come check out her work at Hera! WATER is open till May 9th.

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