Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Providence installation by gallery member, Barbara Pagh

Barbara Pagh will be exhibiting as part of Providence Art Windows. Her installation will be at Two Brothers Beauty Supply, 60 Eddy Street. An opening reception will take place on Thursday March 20 from 6-8 pm at Design Within Reach, 210 Westminster Street. The installation will stay on view through June 13th.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Artists From The Mill At Shady Lea

Hera Gallery is pleased to present “Artists From Shady Lea Come to Hera,” an exhibition featuring the eclectic works of the artists from the Mill at Shady Lea. This show will feature the works of Jane Bailey, Roberto Bessin, Jon Campbell, Barbara Crane, Jeff Elsbecker, Jody Eyre, Susan Hayward, Karen Imbriale, Sandra Krupp, Sew Many Things, and Amanda Wright. The Mill hosts a vibrant and thriving community of makers; tucked away on Mattatuxet River, the Shady Lea Mill is home to over forty artists, craftsmen, and designers. Continually changing and expanding, the Mill is an organic entity thriving off of the creativity of its tenants.

“Artists From Shady Lea Come to Hera” will present the diversity of work created by select tenants of Shady Lea. Included in this biopsy will be the large format pastel drawings by Jane Bailey. Bailey’s paintings are laced with a sense of poetic loneliness, and allows for the pastel drawings to examine depth of light and space. Similarly, Barbara Crane uses the digital print format to delve into notions of the home and space. Her brightly colored prints use color and pattern to situate the viewer in relation to the artwork. Jody Eyre, however, looks at the landscape in a much more ethereal way. Her oil paintings articulate poetic, dreamlike landscapes where there is no concrete definition of space. Karen Imbriale works in an intuitive way, as well. Imbriale’s collaged paintings are conglomerations of materials and memories, creating fields of information that juxtapose media to create organic, living, images.

Sandra Krupp will be exhibiting large-scale paintings, which embody the regeneration of her discarded studio waste. Her highly textured, colorful works utilize color and text to bring concepts of reclamation and regeneration to the viewer. Amanda Wright creates her raku-fired ceramics in a similar fashion, organically adding elements in a fluid manner. The resulting works of art are highly detailed, unique depictions of marine environments. Susan Hayward also looks to the natural world for inspiration for her jewelry. Hayward uses nature for her inspiration and main material, weaving together leaves, berries, seeds, and twigs to create opulent pieces of jewelry that trick the eye. Jeff Elsbecker works with natural objects as well as marine refuse to create sculptures that present his findings as mementos. These format and presentation of these works reference those of reliquaries. Jon Campbell also works primarily with natural materials. Campbell uses organic elements to create highly detailed small-scale sculptures; his traditional and direct method of carving his materials imbues the objects with a greater sense of power and value. Working together for this exhibition, Sew Many Things and Roberto Bessin will be creating unique zoomorphic upholstered pieces of furniture. Bessin’s metalworking skill paired together with the exceptional talents of Sew Many Things is sure to create a symbiotic set of furniture.