Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gallery Talk by Troy West: Saturday, March 23rd "Art for a Sustainable Future"

Hera Gallery welcomes you to join us on Saturday, March 23rd at 2:00pm for a gallery talk by Associate Member, Troy West. West will discuss the inspiration for his work and his goal of a more sustainable future.

Mixed media on wood panel
Artist Statement:

I think of art making as honest work. Society needs it. Without art we are too materialistic. For me it is a source of fulfillment. I am a believer in emptying myself to become surrounded by an environment – to allow the ambience in. I do not preconceive before I work. I remain open to new 
ideas and experiences from start to finish. With regard to my series of outdoor steel sculptures, the materials are gleaned from scrap yards and what the sea washes ashore and from debris people throw away, - society’s dregs. The work becomes a part of the landscape, and nature’s elements become part of the work. The adversarial relationship between man’s desires and nature’s needs fuels much of my work. In my large charcoal drawings of mills and factory buildings, often abandon, I visualize the activity that once lived within these buildings. I get emotional about these industrial architectural
structures since so many around the country are being demolished. Each of these drawings is made on-site, with no camera or photographic image as reference- just the paper, the charcoal, and me. It is in being with the presence of these powerful edifices of labor that inspire. As an architect, I seek sustainable simple green solutions for projects from civic and community designs to small sturdy well insulated structures bathed in natural light at home in their settings, whether in nature or dense urban fabrics.

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