Friday, September 21, 2012

Design for Change

Design for Change: A Survey of Landscape Architecture in the Green Movement is accepting applications from URI and RISD landscape architecture students until October 1st! 

October 20th – November 24th, 2012 
Curated by Emily Humphrey 

University of Rhode Island sophomore landscape architecture student 
Emily Humphrey has collaborated with Hera Gallery of Wakefield, Rhode 
Island, to curate an exhibition on green design in landscape architecture. 
This exhibition will have a focus on the role landscape architects play in 
addressing environmental issues, and will highlight their design process. 
The exhibition will be made up of a selection of work from students, 
academics, and professionals in the New England area. The pieces in this 
exhibition may range from preliminary sketches to drawings, drafts, models, 
conceptual design boards, and photographs. 

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Curatorial Statement

This exhibition focuses on the role landscape architects play in solving major problems in our world, and highlights the design process they utilize in order to do so.

As society continues to grow, landscape architects are responding to the ever-increasing need to create space for growing populations while protecting and conserving the natural world as well as valuable resources. Today, issues in the field of Landscape Architecture range from finding ways to reclaim and reuse industrial wastelands to incorporating green spaces into the established and developing urban environment.

It takes creative and critical thinkers to address such matters, to learn from past generation’s mistakes, and to respond with new and innovative ideas that will facilitate a more harmonious world. Today, a growing number of Landscape Architects are reaching the forefront of the design world by responding in this reflective way.

The pieces in this exhibition focus on the development of this approach to design, incorporating projects from the academics, students, and professionals. The uniting concepts illustrated in Design For Change are articulated in the preliminary sketches, drawings, drafts, models, and photographs that each participant has contributed.

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