Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Member, Michael Yefko

We are so pleased to have Michael Yefko as a new artist member at Hera Gallery. Michael has exhibited at Hera numerous times in the past, and you may remember his work from the recent exhibition, Money. Michaels' sculptures and 2-dimensional works tend to reference concepts of dreams, loss, house, and home; he utilizes the symbol of the house as a stand in for the self and as a means to exercise his anger over the loss of the natural world for the sake of the built suburban spectacle. By incorporating loaded symbolic objects such as a house, Michael stimulates the viewer to have a personal connection to the work that carries such a potent context with it.

Michael is also a carpenter, and has spent much time in his life working on his own home. Considering his attention to detail, craftsmanship, and in-depth knowledge of carpentry and construction, we are elated that Michaels' membership is a sweat equity one. It will be nice to have a capable and informed member to help with some of the projects that we have planned for Hera.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Hera Gallery homepage for more information about Michael Yefko.

Images from top to bottom: Barn Razing, from Housing Collapse Series, integral frame, wood, paint, collage, 2010; House For Bachelard, photo on wall, mixed media sculpture, 2010; Suburbia, mixed media sculpture, 2004; Subplot, mixed media sculpture, 2005.

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