Friday, September 17, 2010

Hera Gallery member, Alexandra Broches, to exhibit at URI

Altered Landscapes
September 3 – October 14, 2010
Corridor Gallery, Fine Arts Center, URI

This selection of color photographs is from the ongoing series Altered Landscapes with work dating from 2007 to the present.

As a photographer of the landscape Broches explores our culture’s view of nature and the ways in which we occupy and alter our world. She writes:

“The landscape as subject is traditionally viewed as picturesque. I approach and photograph the landscape as human construct. We ‘landscape’ and beautify our surroundings, preserve and protect our parks. We intervene and mold it, exploit and attempt to control and harness it, defy it, and neglect it. I value a sense of place, collective and individual memory, and identity in relation to the land. I’m interested in the domestic, private, and the ‘small’. My photographs document and report on ‘our’ sense of place. These images are amusing, ironic, and puzzling; some imply social and political consequences that are of immediate, if not critical, importance. The motivation for my work does not come from a desire to be an activist. I photograph and make art to make sense of my world and to give form to that sense. It is a process and search for understanding.”

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