Monday, July 29, 2019


Meet Seanna Poirier, a jewelry artist, ceramicist and one of the artists exhibiting in our current exhibition, Material Roots.

Tell us your artist story, some biographical info, when did you decide to be an artist? Why do you make art? Where did you study? Etc.
Born in Rhode Island I have been creating and working with my hands since childhood. Whether it be drawing, ceramics, painting, or jewelry design I was always making. The tedious nature of art was always very meditative to me and allowed my mind to rest and just create. I majored in metals smithing and jewelry design while also continuing my love for ceramics at Rhode Island College and graduated with a BFA in 2016. Since then I have been working in the jewelry field with fellow artists and creating my own work on my free time at my home studio in Coventry, RI. 

What do you want people to walk away with after experiencing your work?
To see the beauty in not only the work but of all things in nature, even the creepy crawlies.  Along with striking their curiosity on how the object was made. 
What influences your work? Why?
I am constantly influenced by the natural world and tend to focus around my obsessions with insects and gemstones. The actual process in which I work also gives way to the approach I take. Getting lost in the making and seeing where it takes me is one of the more enjoyable ways to create and can produce ideas that would have not been reached otherwise. 

Why are you exhibiting at Hera?
To be a part of the local artist community. These communities are great for reaching likeminded individuals and making contacts that are valuable for a growing artist. 


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