Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cat Show (Come to Mama!) on exhibit at the Knight Campus Gallery

Knight Campus Art Gallery invites you and your friends to the exhibition

Cat Show (Come to Mama!)

Opening reception: Thursday, April 12, from 4:30 to 7 p.m.
Exhibition dates: April 3 – April 24, 2012
Cat Show Postcard

Exhibiting artists: Jennifer Amadeo-Holl, Daryl Ann, Wayne M. Bridge, Alice Costas, Joanna Read Cotter, Carl Dimitri, Vlado Elias, Samantha Fields, Lance Gershenoff, Tamara Krendel, Lisa Kretchman, Nermin Kura, Roya Lu, Joe Lytle, Darrell Matsumoto, Kim Murdock, Becky Peabody, M. A. Podolak, Mae Jane Poulin, Shey Rivera, Tess Spalty, Karl Stephen, Meredith Stern, Heather Meri Stewart, Zoey Stites, Wendy Wahl, Michele Wright, and Nancy Wyllie
Curator: Viera Levitt

This group exhibition of 28 artists from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and beyond is composed of work that reacts to the way we look at, care for, spoil, pamper and love cats. The cat-inspired works include paintings, drawings, photography, collage, prints, sculptures, as well as piece involving embroidered cat whiskers.

Additionally, there is wall space available for community members and cat lovers to present images and short text about their cats. These short stories about Baxter, Pancake, Squeek, Woodrow, Miguel, Lily, Rondo, Tigger, Bootsie Couscous, Tasha, Diablo, Zinga, Hobbes and many more are attractive addition to the exhibition and underline community character of the show. (See the open call here:

“There is certain innocence expressed though unpretentious description of the bond between humans and their animals,” said curator and gallery director Viera Levitt. “The show definitely proves that we do love to look at cats and, for some reason, their images make us happy.” The exhibition also answers more general questions linked to expectations of gallery visitors today and the somewhat threatening or intimidating qualities of contemporary art. Through more accessible theme, Levitt said she hopes to encourage general public to come to the gallery and enjoy – for some, maybe for the first time – an exhibition of contemporary art.

Cats have been companions throughout history – albeit, as all cat lovers know, in a much less predictable way than dogs. They were supposed to catch mice, but their role has also been that of beautiful and elegant companions ‘pretending’ to be timid and domesticated.
Cats were associated with the devil and linked to witches in medieval times. Their reputations were resurrected after they were celebrated for saving boat cargo from rodents. Of course, as every cat owner knows, a wild animal lurks inside his or her kitty. Cats have been said to have nine lives and know about the future. There are also various superstitions connected to cats such as the serious troubles that could befall one whose path was crossed by a black cat. This show will look at cats as object of our enjoyment, love, care or obsession; hence the subtitle, ‘Come to mama!’.

Knight Campus Art Gallery is located in Community College of Rhode Island, Room 3500, on the third floor of the round building at the Warwick campus, 400 East Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886 (Enter the library on the fourth floor and go down the stairs to right).

Knight Campus Art Gallery hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Thursday: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
For more information, please e-mail gallery director Viera Levitt at, check the, call the Art Department at CCRI: 401-825-2220, or gallery (during the opening hours) at 401-825-1162.

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Image: Zoey Stites, Abundant Ailurophilia, 2012

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