Friday, June 11, 2010

New Member: Elizabeth Lind

Hera Gallery is excited to have a new artist member, Elizabeth Lind! Lind has been inspired by the natural world within her reach, drawing influence specifically from sea forms and the human figure. Her work explores the bods between people, such as life, death, joy, betrayal, fertility, motherhood, and the celebration of the aesthetic of forms.

Primarily a stone carver, she works multiple stones at once, revealing the potential works of art hidden within the media. She works to find the possibilities hidden beneath the surface of he stones that she works with, revealing fluid, dreamlike sculptures. Lind also works in mixed media sculptures, which she has generously donated to numerous Hera fundraisers in the past.

We are glad to have Elizabeth at the gallery, and look forward to the insight that she will bring to the organization.

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