Saturday, November 16, 2013

Up For Bid! Portrait by John Kotula.

This is an amazing opportunity to capture a moment and have it turned into a beautiful work of art.  Hera Gallery member, John Kotula will photograph the winning bidder and create a mixed medium portrait on paper.  The size will be approximately 24” by 36”.  The turn around time is six weeks.  Sorry, no redos.

John has been drawing continuously, at times obsessively, for more than forty years.  His choice of materials comes and goes and comes back again: pencils, charcoal, conte, ink, crayons, china markers, pastels, chalk.  Over his long and variegated artistic career, what has always been true is that John loves making marks and seeing them accumulate to reveal an image. 

Valued at $500. Up for bid at the Silent Auction on Saturday, November 23rd at 6pm!

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