Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spotlight on: Myron Rubenstein

Hera Gallery would like to spotlight one of our associate members Myron Rubenstein.  

Myron’s world full of strange images of another world is brought into the visual world through the use of 17th century intaglio printmaking and digital technology. His horizons are constantly expanded with drawing, research, and experimenting with new technology, in both forms of his printmaking; intaglio and digital. The art created in these processes is both non-traditional and well as thought provoking. The visualization of mankind in all of his and her darkness and light can be seen though Myron's work.

Artist Statement:

All of my art work relates to a mind-blending
              and intertwining of fragmented synapses. 
Flashing thoughts of fantasy unknown 
              but revealed in my artwork.

It is a reality that exists only in our subconscious
             that drives us forward.
People in a transformation of many faces
             sliding into various places
Confined in questions with no answers.
Seeing infinite human traces.

Detecting human sounds and constant rants
            directing art to make sense of my senses.
And a sense of my time.

Myron Rubenstein
Intaglio, 2010

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