Thursday, February 21, 2013

Michael Yefko in Drawing Out of Bounds, 2013 Wheaton Biennial

Hera Gallery member, Michael Yefko will have a piece in 2013 Wheaton Biennial's Drawing Out of Bounds. Find out more and directions here.

February 27, 2013–April 13, 2013
Beard & Weil Galleries, Watson Fine Arts
Wheaton's inaugural Biennial will showcase the work of 54 artists from 19 states and one foreign country whose work explores the boundaries of drawing and pushes it into new territories. The work--including sculpture, video, printmaking, fiber arts, photography, installation, and traditional drawing using nontraditional materials--was selected by juror Judith Tannenbaum, curator of contemporary art at the RISD Museum of Art. The Wheaton Biennial is an example of Wheaton's open spirit of inquiry and a curriculum that emphasizes connections across disciplinary boundaries.
Participating Artists:
Megan Abajian (Indiana)
Aparna Agrawal (Massachusetts)
Luis Alonso (New York)
Amber Anderson (Washington, DC)
Christopher Arabadjis (New York)
Rachelle Beaudoin (New Hampshire)
Janine Biunno (New York)
Ryan Blackwell (Massachusetts)
Resa Blatman (Massachusetts)
Linda Bond (Massachusetts)
Xiaowei Chen (Massachusetts)
David Curcio (Massachusetts)
Adrienne Der Marderosian (Massachusetts)
Maria DiFranco (Rhode Island)
Alphonso Dunn (New Jersey)
Chloƫ Feldman Emison (New Hampshire)
Anthony Fisher (Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Gargas (Massachusetts)
Francine Gintoff (Connecticut)
Kira Greene (New York)
Cynthia Greig (Michigan)
Aaliyah Gupta (Washington)
Jan Johnson (Massachusetts)
Masako Kamiya (Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Keithline (Massachusetts)
Justin Kim (Massachusetts)
Matt Lane (Illinois)
Stacy Latt Savage (Massachusetts)
Matthew Litteken (Ohio)
Alex Lukas (Pennsylvania)
Anna Maddocks (Colorado)
Major Minuit (France)
Naomi Marine (Utah)
China Marks (New York)
Armin Muhsam (Missouri)
Lydia Kann Nettler (Massachusetts)
Kathleen O'Hara (Massachusetts)
Brian O'Malley (Rhode Island)
Dane Patterson (New York)
Margaret Rack (Massachusetts)
Ruth Rosner (Massachusetts)
Michael Ryan (New York)
Eszter Sapi (Illinois)
Carrie Scanga (Maine)
Sally Schluter Tardella (Michigan)
David Shapleigh (Massachusetts)
Jen Simms (Massachusetts)
Garric  Simonsen (Washington)
Kirsten Rae Simonsen (Hawaii)
Christopher Troutman (Illinois)

Michael Yefko (Rhode Island)
Michael Zachary (Massachusetts)
Melissa Zexter (New York)
Angie Zielinski (Arizona)

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