Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brendan Tobin in the World's Smallest Art Gallery

Brendan Tobin's art work will be on display in The World's Smallest Art Gallery** now until March 15, 2013

What do Dr. Bigfoot, MD, Nancy Reagan, the ghost of Frank Sinatra, a surfing robot, and aquatic zombies have in common? They have all taken up residence in TWSAG in the form of Brendan Tobin’s comic book art. If you think this is a motley crew, just check out Brendan’s website - - and get introduced to a cast of characters you never dreamed of, but fortunately Brendan did!
Brendan considers himself lucky to have his artwork as a creative outlet. He says, “Everyone needs an outlet, a release, or they can get stuck in their heads. This is my way of getting things out and if I can entertain while doing it, all the better. Brendan goes on, “I’ve always liked comic books and cartoons and the absurd; media that doesn’t take itself to seriously. I like to poke fun and have a good time.”
What distinguishes Brendan is the level of technical skill he brings to his work. He continues to study and work on his skills. He goes to a weekly figure drawing group. “I don’t go to make pretty pictures,” he says. “It is about getting better. I could keep on making hands the way I do or I can work at it and improve.”

“I got a lot of goals, but time is the enemy.” One goal Brendan shares is that he’d like to develop and sell a pitch for an animated T.V. show. Personally, I got to say I’d stay up to any hour, pay any amount to download “Nancy Reagan and he Side Kick the Ghost of Frank Sinatra in the Zombie Apocalypse, featuring Dr. Bigfoot, MD as the Gynecologist.”  If you would like to join me in urging Brendan in this direction you can email him at

A panel from Blitz Randal Man of Action

A panel from Dr. Bigfoot, MD

A panel from Nancy Reagan

*The World’s Smallest Art Gallery is:
    • A kiosk on the South County Bike Path ( It is located in Peace Dale where the bike path crosses Route 108. The kiosk is a beautifully designed and built structure that has two display cases. Each measures 42” X 41” x 2”. The cases are weatherproof and have sturdy locks.
    • A joint project of Hera Gallery ( and  Peace Dale Neighborhood Revitalization, Inc. (
    • A place to show your artwork. Hera Gallery will be managing the kiosk as a place for artists to display their work. You may have a six-week, one-person show in the kiosk on a first come, first serve basis. Work is not juried, but must be “family friendly.” Artists are asked to choose work that does not depict nudity, sexuality or violence. Neither Hera Gallery nor PDNRI will insure the work. Artists display work at their own risk.
    • A way of having your work seen by a lot of people. The bike path has very heavy traffic, especially during the Spring, Summer and early Fall. Many bikers, runners and walkers pass by every hour. There will not be sales from the Kiosk, but your display can include your contact information. Hera Gallery will publicize The World’s Smallest Gallery on its website, blog, and Constant Contact mailings. A Facebook page will be developed.
    • A way to beautify the community. The stretch of the bike path where the kiosk is located contains other artwork including murals, sculpture, mosaics, and landscape architecture. The Worlds Smallest Art Gallery will add to the beautification of this area.

John Kotula is the coordinator of this project for Hera Gallery. If you are interested in showing your artwork on the bike path contact John at to get more details and to schedule a show.

**I have been notified that TWSAG may not be the world’s smallest art gallery! While I have no intention of giving up the title I feel I should give a footnote to This may be a good reason to visit Nashville!

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