Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEWEST INTERN: Leander JL Jaques

Hello everyone! My name is Leander Jaques and I am more than excited to be meeting all of our associates throughout the upcoming months. I am a born and raised Rhode Islander from the Wickford area in North Kingstown and absolutely love this state. I am currently taking studio art classes at URI and am a big fan of instate tuition. Following the 2012 spring semester I am returning to the New Hampshire Institute of Art for my senior year where I will receive my BFA in Illustration as well as a minor in Printmaking.

Art is something that has surrounded me for my entire life. With a tattoo artist for a grandfather, mother, and aunt, I have been exposed to a vast breed of characters in the art world. And with a grandmother who lives for traveling, I have been privileged to experience some of the world's most beautiful art from the Vatican and all its wonder to the mesmerizing halls of the Louvre. It is this clash of artistic exposure that has influenced my style of work and has broadened my appreciation for the work of others.

I was introduced to the art of printmaking in my second semester of sophmore year at NHIA. In that semester, our class was responsible for doing a monotype linoleum, reduction relief, intaglio, lithograph, and multi-layered silkscreen. I enjoyed each process but was most fond of working with linoleum and silkscreening. While at URI my focus has remained with these two mediums but used in separate situations. Now in printmaking III with Gary Richman, my reduction relief prints have improved greatly and I have been experimenting with a combination of cutting styles. I generally work with precision when illustrating and had always transferred that attention to detail to my prints. However, I have recently been applying a looser cutting style along with other layers of precision for a controlled abstraction.

I have always been interested in the art of lettering and this is prevalent in many of my pieces. Starting at a very young age I was taught the many techniques of sign painting and boat lettering. I have been taught the ancient technique of goldleaf as well as the new form of lettering with vinyl. I have been using several layering techniques with silkscreening to create a battle of lettering styles that I find most interesting and ranging from calligraphy to graffiti. I primarily do my silkscreen work on t-shirts because I feel it is the best way to advertise to the public while remaining affordable for both parties. I have a small art studio in The Shady Lea Mills in North Kingstown which is right off Rt.1 and I am studio 217. Feel free to stop by whenever!

I will be posting images of my work in the very near future which I hope you all enjoy! Again, I would to like say how much I can't wait to meet you all and have some fun with the gallery this semester. It should be a good one!

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cebseb said...

Leander you do the family proud!!! Wishing you the best Love Aunt Sue