Friday, August 12, 2011

Mural Project

For the past two days, John Kotula, Jerry Shippee, Evan Hanson (a.k.a. 90sevan), Ross Gronvold, Melanie Bicknell, Harry Kenyon, Jesse Kenyon, Wayne Quackenbush, Fred Cahill and Amber Swann have been hard at work creating the new mural to be hung on the side of Hera Gallery. According to Barbara Pagh, this is to be the fourth incarnation of the Hera mural. The first was created by John Mascartola who worked with at risk high school students to create individual panels. The second was four panels of the Saugatucket River that were created in conjunction with an exhibit. Beth Schenke worked with young art students and painted the pieces in the back room at the gallery. Eventually the pieces were given to the Saugatucket River Heritage Coalition. The current mural of a woman reading to a group of students is in need of replacement due to the effects of New England weather. The new mural includes a variety of images such as a pair of roosters, graffiti and cartoon style designs.

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