Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello everyone! My name is Karen Lewis and I'm the new intern at Hera. I'm very much looking forward to meeting all of you at the upcoming summer events. I'm a returning student at URI majoring in Art and French. I grew up in Westerly and Wakefield, moved to Boston after high school and returned to Little Rhody a few years ago. I've always had a love of languages and while in Boston taught English as a second language. Eu falo Português. Aussi, maintenant j'apprends le Français. I also studied Spanish for about 6 years, mostly with Señor at SKHS and then at UMASS Boston, and am hoping to start learning Russian this summer.

I've become very interested in printmaking since taking Print One with Professor Pagh and am currently taking a monotype course with Professor Samson. This is a new medium for me and I've learned a great deal over the past several months. The number of techniques and processes used to create an image amazes me and it's always fascinating to see what will be on the surface of the paper when it's peeled off of a freshly run plate. My art style often tends to be very detailed and monotype has given me the opportunity to experiment and explore. I've been working on a lot of abstract pieces and utilizing several methods such as trace monotype and color viscosity. I'm hoping to be able to learn more about printmaking and to expand my knowledge of digital art in the future.

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to intern at Hera and become part of the gallery's community.

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