Monday, March 28, 2011

Ekphrasis Exhibition

Ekphrasis has been considered generally to be a rhetorical device in which one medium of art tries to relate to another medium by defining and describing its essence and form, and in doing so, relate more directly to the audience, through its illuminative liveliness.

Our current show Ekphrasis does exactly this.  Each piece of work being a collaboration between an artist and a poet. Each descriptive work of prose or poetry highlights, through its rhetorical vividness, what is happening, or what is shown in each of of the visual art works, and in doing so, enhances the visual art and so take on a life of its own through its brilliant descriptions.

Installing Ekphrasis was a great experience.  We kept the exhibit design and presentation very simple and very orderly, so that the viewers would notice the artwork—not the exhibition design.  If you were here at the opening reception you know how crowded it was.  We are so pleased to see our community embracing art and participating in it!

If you haven't had a chance to step in and see Ekphrasis, we'd love to see you at the gallery soon!

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