Friday, October 8, 2010

Setting up for the new show!

Over the past two days the Hera Gallery has begun and completed the process of hanging the new works for the next show, featuring Hera Gallery Associate Members. At first it seemed overwhelming with the amount of work that was in the gallery. With six artists being shown, many with different mediums, it was difficult to begin visualizing what would go where. The art was moved around, tested in different spots and laid out to see how the pieces would make sense on the walls. It was fun and interesting to see how organizing the art one way or another could really create quite a different feel on the empty wall.
Painting the stands!

So while the walls were white, bare and ready to get done up with work - I was learning how to hang the art at eye level. Not exactly the best with math, measuring sixty inches up on the wall, while subtracting half of the total of the frame size, and taking into account the wire hanger, was just a bit of a mind boggle for a few minutes. However, once a rhythm and groove began with measuring, marking and hanging - the pieces just seem to go up quickly and the room was coming alive. After day one, more than half of the show was up.
A work in progress!

Day two was a bit calmer. Once I got to the gallery, all of the pieces were up. The next tedious task was typing up labels for each work and a price list for the work. Although it was time consuming, it needed to be done. I left Hera after day two feeling confident that the opening reception for the show this Saturday, October 9th, from 6-8pm would be something that everyone will enjoy. I highly suggest attending and enjoy the hard work that has gone into creating this show!

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