Thursday, October 14, 2010

The future of art?

Did anybody else catch this article on TODAY this morning? The show featured an 8 year old painter, Autumn De Forest, who has sold paintings for over 200,000! Her work is amazing, and I'm glad that I won't be going to college with her... she's bound to be a powerhouse once she gets older. Although, I guess she's a powerhouse now!

This uncannily talented painter is a phenom with texture and color, but refers to these characteristics in an 8-year-oldish way... while talking about 'mixing fast' and dumping watery paint on her canvases to achieve her paintings she reminded me of a little girl playing princess twirling and posing in front of the cameras.

The most impressive thing that struck me was that she takes weeks to work on her paintings, this dedication to time is unusual for someone so young. Below are some images of her work, otherwise be sure to click the link above to watch her interview with Matt Lauer!

Goodnight Moon

Autumn Colors

Barbie Marilyn

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