Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello from Hera Gallery's new Intern!

Hello friends of Hera Gallery!
My name is Becky Peabody, and I'm a 22 year old art student from the University of Rhode Island. I'm going to be Hera's Intern for the Spring of 2010 and I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you. I'll be working in the office as well as making appearances at openings in the coming months.
I am Wakefield born and raised and have had my own artwork shown in several shows at Hera Gallery while I was in High School at South Kingstown High. Now attending URI my printmaking professor, Barabara Pagh, is a long time member of Hera Gallery. I'm very excited to now be a part of the Gallery that has helped me get a leg up in the art world.
I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio art in May and have several pending applications for Graduate Masters programs in Art Education. Soon enough I will be fulfilling my dream of teaching art to high school students and inspiring creativity in the minds of those who need it most.
If you're interested, or bored, and would like to take a peek at my own artwork, it can be viewed here: Rebecca Peabody 
I'll also be one of fifty artists participating in Hera Gallery's Paint by Numbers 
Spring Fundraiser, modifying a lovely paint by number that I've chosen. Come check it out April 17th. More details on this event will be coming to you shortly.
Until then, I hope to see you all on March 5th at Bagelz in Wakefield for the opening of Young Artists & Their Mentors II (from 6-8pm)!

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