Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Introducing our new Intern: Rhonda LaPorte

My name is Rhonda LaPorte and I am the newest intern at Hera Gallery.  I was born and raised in Rhode Island and currently reside in the beautiful town of Hopkinton.  I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 1999, and worked in non-profit television and other non-profit organizations for a number of years.   My passion for photography began after receiving my first camera at the age of twelve.  After taking that first role of film, I was hooked and rarely went anywhere without my camera.  It is this passion for the medium that led me to return to the University of Rhode Island in 2011 to pursue my Bachelor of Fine Arts.
Inspiration for my photographs come from the awe inspiring beauty of the natural world.  I am committed to capturing images that can provide the viewer an opportunity to witness a moment they did not experience themselves.  My work in this medium has me photographing throughout New England and other locations throughout United States.   After my graduation from the University in 2015, I plan to pursue my love for photography and documenting the beauty of our world as well as finding work in a gallery or museum setting.  I feel that this type of work will only help to fuel my passion as I receive unlimited inspiration from others artistic expressions.  
I’m excited about spending my semester with Hera and planning a student show for January 2015.  I know that the time I spend here will teach me some of the valuable lessons I will need to be successful in the future.  I have included some of my work to give you an idea of what inspires me!  Hope to see you all at Hera very soon!

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