Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Intern: Meredith FitzGerald

                       Introducing Your Summer Intern 

                         Greetings & Salutations to the Hera Gallery Community !
               My name is Meredith FitzGerald, I am recent graduated  from URI with 
          a BFA  and looking forward to helping Hera in anyway I can. I was born &
          raised in Rhode Island,I love the ocean and being surrounded by the beauty
          that it holds.

             Currently I am interested in digital art, as it can be easily created into 
          propaganda.I deal with issues of contemporary society and female objectification,
          as well as  human rights, and tolerance for all cultures.I am also a painter, and for 
          my   senior seminar I mixed painting and propagandist subject matter. My work
          stands to speak for things, that I either think are wrong in contemporary 
          society,or that we need to be reminded of. Below are some images from my senior
          show and one painting of my dog Clancy.
              When I am not working at a busy Newport Restaurant I love to spend time 
         creating, enjoy the company of my friends and family, cooking,reading, being
         with my dog Clancy, and the occasional dance party featuring some good
          Oldies classics.

          I look forward to working for you this summer!


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