Thursday, January 30, 2014

Introducing Spring Intern: Hannah Hebert

Hello Hera Gallery Community!

My name is Hannah Hebert and I am the new spring intern for Hera Gallery! I am Rhode Island native and a junior at the University of Rhode Island. I study Fine Art and am also extremely interested in my Art History classes. I am most passionate about portrait painting but I also enjoy dabbling in different kinds of printmaking.
Having now discovered that my path in life truly lies in the art world, I look back on my childhood experiences with art and can’t help but smile. I always liked to doodle and draw, but I never considered myself to be especially good. I can still remember when art really clicked for me. I went out to take pictures with my friend who was especially good with photography. I didn’t expect any good photos but before I knew it I had all these great pictures. Shortly after that I discovered my knack for painting and drawing in my high school art classes.
         Like every art student I aspire to go on to create my own art and make a name for myself after college of course. But I also have a passion for the history and the story behind art. I would love to work behind the scenes in a gallery or a museum. Through this internship I hope to learn about all the positions and components needed to run a gallery. I am so excited to help with a big show and meet some of the big names in art that work with Hera!

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