Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Elizabeth Lind: Figs, Figures and Other Mysteries

Elizabeth Lind: Figs, Figures and Other Mysteries

July 28th through September 1st

Hera Gallery is pleased to present "Figs, Figures and Other Mysteries", a solo exhibition of works by Elizabeth Lind from July 28th through September 1st, 2012. The exhibition will take place in our new location on 10 High Street in Wakefield, RI.

Elizabeth Lind speaks through the language of symbols, creating sculptures of women, evocative environments, and natural objects that allude to deeper meanings within the work. Employing direct carving techniques and using the tools and materials of thousands of years ago, her work explores the fluid nature of shifting forms under the stone’s surface.

Lind works primarily in alabaster and marble using a simple mallet and steel hand tools. Originally from Seattle, Elizabeth grew up in New York City and settled in Rhode Island to attend RISD where she earned her master’s degree.
Elizabeth Lind, Pool of Thought, marble

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