Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What an Exhibition! We love RI's young artists!!!

The children's exhibitionis an awesome show! Personally, I had never seen this show in the past, only the young adults exhibition last year. But now that I have, I absolutely love it! The gallery has been lit up for the past 2 weeks with these colorful, vibrant works on its walls. Every time I walk around the gallery and look at the pieces, I can't help but smile, which seems to be a common impact this show has on viewers, not to mention how impressed everyone is with the blossoming talents captured in these pieces! They range from creative self portraits to still life, landscapes, and various forms of sculpture. I loved the altered book exploding with colored pipe cleaners from Jamestown Middle School, along with their piece entitled "Earth", which was composed of unbelievably life-like ceramic stones made by the schools 6th graders. I also thought the tempera-batik technique used in some paintings from EWG were interesting, such as those by Solanna Doyle and Jenna Bridges. There was also a large amount of works exploring different cultural techniques and ways of working, such as tribal masks, some op art, and also abstract representations of a still life.
Being at the opening on the 28th was wonderful; the gallery was bustling all day with young artists, parents, grandparents, neighbors, and teachers! I even got to meet a few artists from my past school district, Exeter-West Greenwich! All the young artists I saw were just radiating with excitement as they pointed out their pieces to family and friends.
I think this show captures something quite beautiful. It gives us a glimpse into the minds of children and shows us how we once saw the world. Their interpretations of the world are beautifully un-refined and honest, and remind us all of how wonderful that way of seeing is. It is a unique thing for us to be able to take a snapshot of this stage in life and also give these young artists such a great space to exhibit in.

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Ms. Lind said...

beautifully written- you really captured the spirit of the Children's Exhibition