Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carl Dimitri showing in the Worlds' Smallest Art Gallery

Hera Gallery Artist Carl Dimitri is showing his drawings in The World's Smallest Art Gallery* through September 1, 2011. (Shown here is a detail of Lincoln.)

Carl makes politically informed artwork that can be appreciated for the thought provoking ideas he deals with or for his exuberance and technical skill. The portraiture in this series is as impressive as the reminder that in the past our political leaders were inspiring statesmen, who spoke about profound issues.

*The World’s Smallest Art Gallery is kiosk on the South County Bike Path (​/). It is located in Peace Dale where the bike path crosses Route 108. It is a joint project of Hera Gallery ( and Peace Dale Neighborhood Revitalization, Inc. ( John Kotula is the coordinator of this project for Hera Gallery. If you are interested in showing your artwork on the bike path contact John at to get more details and to schedule a show.

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