Friday, August 27, 2010

New shows at the gallery

AUG 28 - OCT 2
OPENING RECEPTION: AUG 28, 6:00 - 8:00

Things have been nice and busy here at Hera, as both Troy West and Claudia Flynn have been installing their solo shows this week. As the gallery director, I'm the person who spends the most time 'living' in the exhibits... and I'm pretty excited to be spending the next six weeks inside these two shows.

Claudia's show is installed beautifully, and is slightly reminiscent of a natural history museum in its layout. She's incorporated heavy gilt frames into her display, and done a nice job of creating constellations of works that really create a nice dialogue together.

Troy's show is also laid out very well, with large sculptures breaking up the space into smaller spaces, allowing for the viewer to have a more intimate experience with the work. Troy uses writings and text in his pieces, and I'm glad to have an opportunity to spend some time with these thoughts that he has presented. I also appreciate his mix of architectural renderings with paintings, and sculptures.

The opening reception for both shows will be tomorrow night, and I highly recommend seeing both exhibitions!

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