Thursday, March 18, 2010

Returning to MAIN STREET!

We here at Hera Gallery are very excited to share with you the fact that the gallery will be moving back to our main street gallery location this spring! After more than 34 years of bringing art to Southern Rhode Island, Main Street has become our heart and our home.

It has been two years since Hera has left our home on Main Street, and we have appreciated the support that we have received from our community during our time of 'homelessness.' Hera On The Road was a challenging and rewarding endeavour, which enabled us to form bonds with people and organizations that we wouldn't normally have the opportunity to work with. We have viewed this time as two years of being 'out of the box,' every aspect of our operation has had to be adapted to the challenge of being without a tangible gallery.

Now that the date is set for our return to Main Street, May 1st, our plans are underway to get the building ready for exhibitions again. There has been some wear and tear because the building has been vacant for so long, so we are going to need to spend some time cleaning the inside and fixing up any minor issues that have arisen.

Hera Gallery will be sending out a Building Drive letter, asking for donations to help defray the impending costs that will be incurred; so watch your mailboxes! Also, we will be hosting a Gallery clean-up weekend in April for those of you who would be inclined to come sweep, mop, and paint!

Finally, thanks for your support, we have greatly appreciated it! And feel free to help spread the word about our good news.

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