Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alexandra Broches and Jill McLaughlin at The Meeting Room Gallery

Hera Gallery is pleased to present the work of Alexandra Broches and Jill McLaughlin at the Meeting Room Gallery at Bagelz of Wakefield. Both artists are current members of Hera Gallery, and both will be exhibiting recent photographs.

Alexandra Broches will be showing photographs from recent trips to Cuba and China. Her black and white photography captures hidden moments in unique lands.

Jill McLaughlin will be showing a new series of black and white photographs. She likes to describe them as still-lives with a human touch. The photographs capture unusual combinations of ordinary items from her studio, posed with hands. This juxtaposition of inanimate object and human body gives the images a life of their own. The still-lives invite viewers to take a second look and imagine a story behind the images.

Hera Gallery’s partnership with Bagelz of Wakefield is a result of Hera Gallery’s temporary loss of exhibition space. Due to property development, Hera will soon be forced to leave the building that has housed the gallery for over 34 years on Main Street in Wakefield When construction is completed; Hera plans on returning to the Main Street location. During the interim, two years with out a permanent exhibition space may seem like a significant loss, however, Hera is excited to use this opportunity to try new exhibition formats and explore alternative programming.

Below: Alexandra Broches, Vedado Havana.
Bottom: Jill McLaughlin, Magic.

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