Friday, August 22, 2008

Concrete Alchemy

I am so glad that the prospectus for our final exhibition in our current gallery is done! The show, entitled Concrete Alchemy, will focus on the flux of environment, gentrification of space, and the rebirth of a gallery.

During the past 34 years of operation, Hera Gallery has undergone numerous changes and developments; the gallery is an organic entity, always undergoing a natural flux. This ebb and flow has historically acted to strengthen the gallery throughout each metamorphosis.

Currently, the gallery is on the cusp of its most substantial transformation to date. The property that Hera has been located on for over thirty years has been recently sold to developers; as a result, Hera will be moving to an interim location before returning to a new gallery space which will be situated on the same property where we are currently located. This property sale heralds the ultimate demolition of the building that Hera has been housed in since it first opened its doors. Although Hera will continue to proactively move forward; space will change, and landmarks will be lost in this transition from old to new.

Hera Gallery is excited to take advantage of this opportunity, and to host an exhibition that will focus on the metamorphosis of space, identity, and material. This show, Concrete Alchemy, invites artists to use the gallery building as a primary material in pieces created for the exhibition. Artists may work directly with, or on, the building; and are encouraged to be site specific.

Concrete Alchemy will culminate in the ultimate demolition of the building, at which time, all artwork involved in the show will also be destroyed.

If you are interested in participating, feel free to email the gallery for a prospectus at

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