Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brown Bag Lunch Artist Talk Series

Visit Hera Gallery for a series of casual discussions regarding member’s works, inspirations, and methods. The talks will be led by gallery members whose work is currently on display in the 34th Anniversary Show. Bring your lunch, and prepare for an intimate and interesting opportunity to learn about what happens before a piece of artwork is 'finished.'

Troy West
June 14th, 1:00
Troy West will attempt to find connections between drawing (to see what is really there without pre-meditations), sculpture (ways to connect past with present), architecture and planning (ways to bring present challenges into projects for a sustainable future).

Alexandra Broches
June 21st, 12:00 - 1:00
The work represented by the these photographs from the series The Domesticated Landscape reflects the interest that perhaps underlies all my work, the relationship between culture and nature, man and our landscape.

Barbara Pagh
June 21st, 12:00 - 1:00
Barbara Pagh will talk about the influence of the local landscape on her work and her technique of altering a photographic image in her one-of-a-kind prints. She will bring a portfolio of small prints in addition to the work in the exhibition.

Jill McLaughlin
June 28th, 12:00
Jill will discuss the connection between her photography, collages, and 3D assemblages. She will focus on how her art is influenced by the environment and her surroundings.

Myron Rubenstein
June 28th, 1:00
Myron Rubenstein will discuss his wide scope of work, which ranges from printmaking to painting to digital medias. His work has no boundaries, and cross-pollinates itself in numerous ways.

John Kotula
July 5th, 12:00
John was a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras from 2005-2007. One focus of his current art making is to create a visual documentation of his experiences living in Latin America. His talk will focus on the process of translating his time in Honduras into the piece "Coming Home to Roost."

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