Thursday, January 3, 2008

Current Endeavors: Myron Rubenstein

As the saying goes, you cannot judge a book by its cover. Because if you were to make the mistake of judging Myron Rubenstein by his proverbial cover; you would find every impression wrong. As an artist, he is the allegorical Clark Kent. His calm demeanor yields way to reveal an alternate identity that highlights Myron as an extremely prolific artist. Always quietly working on a new project, Myron has recently launched a new website, enrolled in art classes again, and is an active member at Hera Gallery as well as NoHo Gallery in Chelsea, NY.

Myron is constantly pushing himself. His artistic origins are in the field of graphic design, which led way to explorations in traditional media. Canvas, oil, and mixed media then gave way to a search ‘for the convergence of traditional painting, photography, and the virtual world of computing.’ This examination of method and material led to Myron’s characteristic computer generated art. Again, the ebb and flow of his creativity has led him back to traditional methods of making, as he has currently been exploring traditional forms of printmaking.

Please see his website, as well as his profile at Hera Gallery, and NoHo Gallery for more examples of Myron Rubenstein’s work.

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