Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hera Gallery Welcomes New Member

Hera Gallery is very pleased to be welcoming a new associate member, Caroline M. Pyle, Jr. Caroline grew up in Rhode Island, where her surroundings inspired her to cultivate her artistic passion. A graduate of Yale University, Pyle has recently relocated to Cincinnati where she continues to work in the field of public health, concentrating on health disparities.

A nearly fatal car accident served as a catalyst of transformation for Caroline. Using courage and determination as tools to pull herself through this catastrophic event, Pyle now uses painting as a vehicle to communicate a sense of hope to the world.

Pyle has now cycled back to her artistic roots, and embraced her passion for creativity; which was initially a survival tool during her recovery. As Caroline has transformed tragedy into a positive vehicle for growth and development, her creative enterprises have symbiotically begun to blossom as well.

A self-taught artist, Caroline gives her emotions a clear voice, allowing pain and brokenness to be articulated through beauty. Pyle creates vivid works that memorialize the chrysalis of perseverance and determination.

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