Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Images from Hera Artists and Friends

Here are some images of the current exhibition, Hera Artists and Friends.  This show gave our gallery members an opportunity to not only display their own work, but to also act as curators and invite other artists to show in the gallery.  It's great to see textiles, sculpture, craft, photography, paintings, and drawings coexisting within the same space.  This show is a vibrant exhibition infused with a sense of life, possibly as a result of the cross pollination of the different works.  The quality of the show has been greatly strengthened by the juxtaposition of works within our small space.  As a result, this exhibition is a conglomeration of ideas, philosophies, medias, techniques, and intent.   Despite all the visual differences, the predominant commonality is that Hera Gallery is the central focal point which has brought about this milieu of artists.  Before the show began, it was impossible to project what the show was going to look like.  We had no idea what works we were receiving, or if the work would hang well together.  However, once everything came into the gallery, the show completely fell into place.  It is interesting to see how all of the disparate elements came together to form a cohesive exhibition, a menagerie of sorts.

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